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Burn more calories than you consume and you will lose weight. Find out how many calories you eat and burn each day. Run on the treadmill until your calories burned is bigger.

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This treadmill has a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds.

Yes you can. The manufacturer always have a safety factor built in. However, having said that you may reduce the motor, belt and bearing life.If you are successful in your exercise program perhaps you will be soon below 250 lbs anyway.Best of Luck.

There are many benefits of exercise especially from treadmill exercise. The primary benefit is that one can lose a lot of weight. Other benefits include improving one's walking or running speed and a healthier heart.

reduce fat intake reduce caloric intake reduce/eliminate consumption of junk foods exercise or increase current level of exercise keep an exercise diary to track your progress exercise with a friend for motivation do not snack after dinner no sugar sodas drink more water

There are number of ways such as diet, exercise and diet supplements. I had achieved my weight loss goal by diet and exercise together, I will say its the best way to reduce weight.

diet and exercise. exercise including weight lifting and cardio.

Diet and exercise will ALWAYS help you reduce excessive weight.

This model treadmill is rated by its manufacturer as being able to support a user of up to 350 pounds maximum.

Eat less and/or exercise more

This wall mount is rated by the manufacturer of having a maximum weight capacity of 100 pounds. The maximum weight capacity of the LifeSpan Fitness TR3000-HRC treadmill is 350 pounds.

Walking is a great exercise that will improve your health. To reduce weight, lower your caloric intake.

Spot reduction is not possible, when you shed pounds its from your whole body depend on your body type. Just eat healthy and exercise such as running, cycling, it is much effective for weight loss.

Walking on a treadmill is a great exercise. And you will certainly improve your cardiovascular health and improve muscle tone. Although you might see some small losses in the beginning (fewer than 10lbs.), over time you will probably gain the weight back even if you stay with the exercise program.

At the age of 62 and 210 pounds, light exercise is extremely important in order lose weight in a healthy fashion.

Yes, but be careful as increased exercise may lead to consuming more calories.This is why diet is more important than exercise.

Eat less/healthier and exercise more

Yes, jogging can help you to lose weight.Yes. I jogged on a treadmill for 5 days and I lost a few pounds.

the one you will be willing to use the most More exercise means more weight lossto lose you have to burn more than you take inwilly

Exercise is the only proven way of quick weight-loss.Dieting just helps reduce the fat you eat, but it can be weeks before you start burning off the fat. So, exercise is your answer.

If you want to reduce your weight as well as your abdominal fat it is a good idea to exercise. Sweating is another great way to lose weight.

Ah, the treadmill, one of the best exercise equipment pieces ever, the treadmill burns calories the fastest as long as your running. Also try exercise bikes and ellipticals as they burn calories also.

Until six months ago, I would have said yes, but now I know that exercise is not necessary to lose weight. I lost 25 pounds in 8 weeks and 35 pounds overall so far, without any exercise at all. All I have done is to reduce my sugar (Fructose) consumption, and monitor my daily calorie intake. This was recommended by my doctor as a healthy option for me as exercise was difficult for me. I can honestly say this method is awesome, and does not require exercise to be effective.

Exercise and go on weight watchers.

you're at a very health weight. A woman your size and age should not be looking to lose weight, but maintain her current weight.

You may want to invest in a treadmill for this purpose because then weather won't be an issue. A treadmill will help you set your own pace and as your health improves you can increase the callenge.

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