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79 jeep cj5 304 does the rotor button need to point at the 1plug or the 1wire on the cap?

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Typically, when setting the timing initially, you would want the rotor to point to the #1 wire on the cap.

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When installing a new timing chain where should the rotor button point?

That depends on the exact model/make of car.

Where is the rotor button located on a 1995 4.0 L Grand Cherokee?

The rotor button is inside the distributor cap.

What is a rotor button cap and where is it found?

A "rotor button" is located under the distributor cap (in an older vehicle) prior to the use of "Coil on Plug" or electronic type of ignition systems. As the distributor rotates the rotor (which is attached to the distributor shaft) has only one contact point is directed to the spark plug to be "fired"

Where is the rotor button on a 94 Plymouth acclaim?

Rotor buttons are inside a distributor.

How do you get the rotor button to point at number one on a 2.9 EFI?

Turn the engine over until the #1 piston is at top dead center (TDC) on the compression stroke. The rotor will then be pointing to the # 1 plug connection.

Where does the rotor point to when its top dead center on a dodge 318 1985?

rotor will point to #1 at TDC.

How can you get the rotor button to point to the number 1 cylinder on a 440 Dodge engine?

First of all, you cant point a rotor button. Rotor buttons are mounted inside the distributor cap. You can point the rotor. The rotor is whats mounted on the distributor shaft and turns with the shaft. Remove the #1 spark plug. Disable ignition so engine doesnt start. With a helper bumping the starter, put your finger over the #1 spark plug hole and have helper bump starter until you feel air blowing by your finger. Now, using a large wrench or socket, manually turn the crankshaft and line up the timing marks to TDC. Your rotor should be pointing directly at TDC on cylinder #1. transman

How do you get your rotor button right on your 1989 Chevy truck?

The rotor only fits one way on to the distributor shaft.

What is a rotor button?

rotor button is the little gadget inside distributer cap attached to the distributor shaft this spins when engine is turning over, distributing the spark to each plug at the right time

Which way does rotor button turn?

Most rotors turn clockwise.

What is the rotation of the rotor button on a 4.3 Chevy blazer 1995?


What would cause the distributor on a jimmy to click and not start?

Broken rotor button.

Which direction does the rotor button turn on a 1994 Dodge Ram with a 360?


Which way is the rotor button supose to go on?

They only go on one way.

Where is the rotor button on a 1996 dodge ram 1500?

Under the distributor cap.

Where should the rotor button be facing on a 1991 Isuzu pickup when in TDC?


How do you remove-replace the distributor rotor button on 93 S-10 Blazer 4.3L?

Remove the distributor cap and pull the rotor off. Sometimes the rust to the shaft so if you are careful you can use a screw driver and pry it off. It the rotor button breaks, they are cheap enough.

When you time it.On 96 tracker when marks line up right the number 4 piston is on compression stroke.Where do you point the rotor button at 1-or-4 please?

if you have the number four cyl on compression stroke you would want the rotor pointed at cyl 4

How does a helicopter take off straight in the air?

The rotor lifts it straight up, that is the whole point of having a rotor

Where is the rotor button located in the 1997 kia?

if your looking for rotor button in ignition it does not have one, it is electronic computer controled spark thru cam shaft and crankshaft sensors. I your talking 4 x4 rotor lock button for 4 wheel drive it does not have one either, the 4 x4 shifter does that when you engage the 4 x 4. If your talking about something else please give more info.

Where is the camshaft position sensor 97 blazer?

under the distributor cap and rotor button

Why am I getting fire to everything on 305 engine except the plugs?

If it has a distributor, check the rotor button for a burn mark underneath. The high energy coil will sometimes burn a hole through it causing the fire to ground. Replace rotor button.

Where does the rotor button point after finding top dead center on a standard 1996 GMC Sierra 4.3L V6 Vortec engine?

TDC on the compression stroke for number one cylinder, looking from the front, the rotor should be pointing to the 5:00 o'clock to 5:30 position on the cap.

Where is the rotor position on 1 tdc Chevy big block 396 heidistributor?

rotor should point to cylinder #1

How do you replace the rotor cap and rotor button?

There is two screews that hold the cap on ,remove them. Then just pull the rotor up and off. It will only go on 1 way. Transfur wires to new cap while keeping them in order.