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You can change just the one lifter, however you should determine why it went bad. The intake manifold must come off to get to the lifter. Is there advanced mileage? do you change the oil regularly? Seeing how it is an 87 vehicle, with 19 years of use on the engine, I would strongly suggest changing the full set. Be carefull though as there is the possibility on that engine of 2 different size lifter bores. If yours are oversized it will be stamped on the lifter bore (not on the lifter) 0.25mm 0.5 There should also be a white paint mark at the bore.

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2006-03-23 13:24:06
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Q: 87 Chevy S10 28l V6 and one lifter collapsed and warped the pushrod Can you just change that one bad lifter and do you have to take off the intake manifold to get the lifter out please help?
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