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92 camaro rs 305 tbi something broke off in the turn signal lever area that pushed the metal rod that controls the brights you dont know what part does this the turn signal switch or wiper switch id?



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The wiper switch has a small arm the operates the high beam actuator, most likely, your plastic cover underneath the wiper arm has come away from the housing and has let the actuator dislodge. Probable cause is the pivot pin is working out of the column and pushing the tilt cap away from column. If this is the case, you will have column movement from the 1 o'clock position to the 7 o'clock position.

K... i got a new wiper arm.. but i don't think its the arm itself.. its whatever it fits into.. the wiper switch? the turn signal cam/switch? that's what im trying to find out., so i can buy/get the right part. if you know, can you let me know.. thanks for your help