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Clogged or dirty fuel filter; Restricted or clogged air filter; Plugged or damaged pcv valve; Stuck or improperly functioning choke thermostat; Deteriorated, or faulty carburetor/throttle valve mounting gasket; Clogged, dirty or improperly functioning or defective egr valve; Improperly functioning fuel pump or circuits; Damaged, loose, or faulty idle air control valve; Damaged, loose, or faulty idle speed actuator; Improperly connected or faulty m.a.p. sensor; Faulty throttle position sensor or throttle position sensor circuit; Slipped timing chain or worn timing gear(s); Plugged, dirty or poorly connected fuel injector; Worn or scored camshaft lobes may affect proper fuel intake, compression, combustion and exhaust; Burned, worn or incorrectly set ignition points; Damaged or restricted exhaust system components; Restricted, loose or burned out muffler.

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Q: 95 Ford Taurus gl with rough idle as well as when you drive exhaust smells too please help?
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