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if you have an aw4 trans you should try cleaning your trans range switch there are instructions and pics on line it might fix you problem new trans range switch is around 200+$ all you need to clean and fix it is electrical cleaner and dielectric grease about 12$ and a little time

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Q: 96 XJ and im having problems with the transmission It acts like its pulling out in 3rd gear but you can manually shift it through the gears and it shifts fine Where is the transmission CPU located?
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Is your automatic transmission dead if you can only drive it manually?

There is a problem with the valve body in the automatic transmission. It may stay like that, or it may get worse - no accurate prediction can be done without pulling the transmission apart to see what the cause is.

Where do you check transmission fluid on a 1995 ford contour?

You Check the Transmission fluid by pulling the transmission reseviour dipstick. It is located near the Firewall under the air ducting that goes to the intake. It has loop for a handle.

Manually roll up power window?

You can manually roll up a power window by pulling on it. You can also remove the door panel and pull the window up.

What is transmission stall of 2800 mean?

That means the torque converter will not start pulling until the engine reaches 2800 RPMS. Nother words transmission will not start pulling.

Is it easier to pull the motor or transmission for a clutch replacement?

It is by all means better, and easier to change the clutch & pressure plate by pulling the transmission. Just remember to "block up your engine" before pulling the transmission.

Do you pull transmission to replace camshaft sensor on 2002 dodge ram 1500?

No, pulling the transmission is not required.

When pulling the motor in a 95 tracker do you have to remove it with the transmission it is a 4x4?

No you do not, you can leave the transmission were it's at. Just put a jack under the transmission to keep it from falling out.

Transmission slips only when first pulling it out does not slip after any time while driving?

There are several things that can cause your transmission to slip, while first pulling out. The most common cause is a worn drive gear.

2002 Toyota Sequoia backdoor wont open?

If the handle is broken, then you'll have to manually open it. If the locking mechanism is frozen, you will have to manually open it. Generally that means pulling the back panel off and pulling the latch cables by hand. Sequoia forums have detailed information on how to remove the rear panel - fairly simple.

Would pulling a fifth wheel make the transmission fluid leak?

No, but it could cause higher then average wear on the transmission.

What could cause transmission to have longer than usual interval when shifting from 3rd to 4th gear on 99 explorer xls 4.0l ohv with 120 000 km not used for pulling anything?

There is also the possiblitly of the valve body gasket blowing out and causing loss of vacuum in the tranny. That is what happened to mine @ 100,000 miles. Transmission problems are best left to a pro. The basic thing you should concern yourself with is the transmission fluid. A higher, or lower level can cause shifting problems. Or of course, if the transmission fluid is dark or burnt, that can mean transmission problems too. But make sure the level is ok. If the fluid is ok, i'd get it inspected at a trusted transmission shop. Usually problems in transmissions start small, and if you catch them they can be remedied. Best of luck.

What is the hardest on the transmission carrying a heavy load or pulling a trailer load?

Pulling a trailer requires more energy than carrying a heavy load.

What causes my 88 ranger 2.9 auto transmission to stop pulling start again stop again?

Need to service transmission filter.

Are the freeze plugs on the back of the Chevrolet 350 motor repairable without pulling the transmission?


How do you change the transmission filter on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am?

To change the transmission filter on your vehicle you have to drop the transmission pan. Once you get it down you will see the filter. It comes out by pulling it down and twisting it a little.

How do you remove a hydraulic clutch line from the transmission on a 1995 Mazda 2300?

You should see a white sleeve around the fitting that is at the transmission. Slide this sleeve toward the transmission while pulling on the line.

Why would my 2005 Dodge Dakota transmission stop pulling all of the sudden?

There could be a transmission fluid leak. Check the seals. They may be loose or worn out.

Is it possible to pull the engine on a 1993 Toyota Tercel without pulling the manual transmission?


You are changing a turbo 350 transmission to a turbo 400 transmission what are the differences?

the 400 turbo is made for more pulling that's whats in my 85 gmc 2500 its just a heavy very expensive transmission.

When i drve my car and press on the gas it feels like it's pulling back. What could this be?

It could be due to your transmission about to go out or low on fluid or needing a transmission flush

Ansul system how to use?

ANSUL Systems operate automatically when fire linkages are connected and the tension lever is ON. ANSUL can also be deployed manually by pulling the handle.

How do you pull the engine of a 99 intrigue from the top or drop it out the botttom?

I have had luck pulling them from the top with the transmission attached.

How do you change the muffler bearing on your car?

Somebody is probably pulling your leg, unless you have a GM two-speed Powerglide transmission. In which case you should take it to a professional transmission technician

How do you check the transmission fluid level located on a 2001 Mazda Protege?

A 2001 Mazda Protege has a seal system, meaning the car does not have a dipstick to check the transmission fluid. It is best to take it to a dealership to have the fluid tested, but a person can check it by slightly pulling out the plug under the car, and see the condition of the fluid coming out of the plug.

Your auto transmission dip stick wont pull all the way out 02 lancer?

try twisting and pulling