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Similar thing happened on my 94 Aspire. The bracket is made of several pieces of sheet steel, put together with spot welds. Every time you push the clutch the steel flexes. After so many times of pushing the clutch, the spot weld snaps from metal fatigue. I'm betting the replacement bracket you got was from a junk yard, so it too had been flexed alot. If this happened with your bracket, take the two pieces and line them up in their original position. Use vise grips to clamp them together and drill a hole for a bolt. A 1/4" bolt should be enough. Make sure it's short enough that it doesn't interfere with the travel of the the clutch or brake pedal. It's just about impossible to line up the bracket pieces and drill them when they're in place on the car. There's just not enough room to get a drill in and around everything under the dash. A flexible spring-type extension for a drill might work if you're lucky to have one. If you're a pack-rat, you saved the first bracket. You can fix that off the car and swap it out with the broken one. Either way you'll probably have to take out the one that's in the car now. You may want to think about disconnecting the negative battery terminal while fooling around under the dash. If you you slip with the drill and catch the wrong wire you could get unlucky enough to set off the airbag.

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You just replaced the clutch in your yz490 and you cant get it to disengage is it because the adjustment screw is not right?

On mine I the same prob. Got hot enough to weld the clutch rod to the bearings

Does the clutch in a 1994 Escort need to be replaced if it stops engaging when the vehicle is hot?

It sounds like you have a worn out clutch disc or the pressure plate is not applying enough pressure to the disc. Either way, it does sound like you are ready for a new clutch.

How do you adjust the clutch on a 1996 Ford Aspire?

Look on the end of the clutch cable, if you can't find it have someone push the clutch, theres a nut, 12 mm I think but mine turned by hand easy enough, unscrew to make the clutch engage closer to the floor. The exact spec has you measure the free play at the top of the pedal, I don't that info handy, you can do it by feel, trial and error.

What would cause your rm125 dirt bikes clutch not engage?

bad clutch cable, or not enough oil on the clutch plates.

Why would a brand new clutch slip?

Possibly the clutch was installed facing the wrong way, or the clutch has not had enough time to properly seat.

Can you put Windows XP on an Acer Aspire One?

Yes, as long as the hard drive is big enough. Several Aspire One models come with Windows XP, in fact.

Why does your truck start bucking when releasing the clutch?

Your releasing to fast/not giving enough gas upon release of clutch

Is the clutch going 1991 geo prizm periodically will stall in idle traffic and then can't get it in gear after a restart am able to shift again?

its probable that the clutch is going and the reason why it works after you start the car back up is your giving the clutch a chance to cool "if even for a second" and the fingers on the pressure plate extend back out enough to do you some good....look into having it replaced.

Is it possible to remove the transmission on a 1995 Saturn SC2 from the bottom without having to remove the engine?

no not at all not enough room.if it's standered and you need to replace the clutch you have just enough room to remove and install the clutch remember cut the clutch tool in half

Is there a clutch adjustment on an 86 Ford Ranger?

On my 86 2.0l it has a hydrallic clutch and there is no adjustment, but you can check the reservoir to see if there is enough fluid in it.

How do you change a clutch on a 2002 Kia Sedona?

i have fitted a new clutch, clutch fork, flywheel,clutch master & clutch slave cylinders the problem is i cannot get a pedal after bleeding the slave cyl,there is no air in the system & i still cannot get a good enough pedal help????

You put a new motor in your 1989 Yamaha 125 dirt bike and it starts but when you put it into first gear it's not engaging any thought?

If it is brand new, it shouldn't be in the clutch. I would start with the basics. Check the clutch cable, make sure it's the right one. Check both adjustments on the lever and the clutch itself. If the engine is somewhat new, you can usually get away with replacing the clutch plates, spacer and springs. Don't buy the entire kit, they will try and sell you many parts that don't need to be replaced.If it has a bull taco clutch, the clutch will be on the right side. Make sure your barrings haven't locked up. Maybe you haven't given it enough gas, so try a hill when you get going fast enough let the clutch out slowly and give it gas.

Can two or more roosters that were born in the same clutch live together if there is enough hens?

I had three roosters once that were born in the same clutch and they seemes to get along just fine as long as there was enough hens.

How do you replace the water pump on a 1986 Chevy Silverado 305 short block?

first take the fan clutch off by loosening the four nuts on the fan. Remove the fan pulley. You should be able to loosen the power steering pump bracket enough to get the right hand side of the pump out. Once the p.s. bracket is wiggled out of the way, it's four bolts and off she comes.

How do you adjust clutch on 1993 Mazda Protege DX which has to be pushed all the way in and shifted carefully and hydraulic cylinder cannot be located under hood for adding fluid?

The clutch master cylindar should be right beside the brake master cylindar. I have run across a couple of cars that have the brakes on the passenger side but never the clutch. I assume this holds true for your car. As far as adjusting a hydraulic clutch, they don't. If the clutch is not pushing in enough, it is usually the slave cylindar which is located on the bell housing of the transmission. They get worn and need to be replaced.

How do i adjust the clutch pedal on a 1992 stanza it won't return?

I had it happen to me; had to replace the slave cylinder due to a leak, and the master cylinder is also leaking slightly, so it may need to be replaced shortly. Make sure the clutch line has enough brake fluid in it (you can check levels and fill it under the hood near the driver. Hope this helps. I had it happen to me; had to replace the slave cylinder due to a leak, and the master cylinder is also leaking slightly, so it may need to be replaced shortly. Make sure the clutch line has enough brake fluid in it (you can check levels and fill it under the hood near the driver. Hope this helps.

Does the fact that my rx 8 clutch smell like it's burning indicate problems or over enthusiastic take offs?

If you keep burning the clutch, you will need to replace the clutch soon. You can burn the clutch in one take off, if you do it badly enough. Do not "drop the clutch" at ultra high rpm.

Will a 1985 cr 125 Honda clutch cover fit 1986 cr125?

No, the 86 has 7 clutch plate and the 85 has 6 so the 85 clutch cover is not deep enough. I had the same issue

Why does my Kawasaki bayou 250 not have full power?

either not enough gas or spark or... i had the clutch sticking once. it would go but not really bad clutch

What is your problem when you put the clutch in and you can't put it in first or reverse?

Probably the clutch is not disengaging. This could be due to the clutch cable being out of adjustment, or the clutch master cylinder not having enough fluid, the clutch slave cylinder being worn out, or the throw out bearing being shot. Try to have a mechanic look at it.

Does the Acer Aspire have enough ram and hard drive capacity to make a good media center pc?

The Aspire is a wide range of computers.Most of them are more than adequate for a media center.The Acer Aspire AX3200-U1790A is specifically designed as an entertainment PC.It looks like a nice mix of capabilities at the price

What needs to be changed besides checking the fuse in Chevy Silverado in order to get the ac compressor clutch to come on?

There is a pressure switch that runs the clutch. If there is not enough freon in the system the switch will never allow the clutch to turn on.

Does drive shaft need to be removed to install clutch in Toyota pickup?

Yes because you have to take the bolts out of the transmission and slide back enough to replace your clutch.

Clutch sticks down when driving once in a while why?

May be clutch cable sticking, clutch lever on the gearbox sticking or the actual friction plate in the clutch sticking on the shaft. the latter would probably mean taking the gearbox out to check. The clutch lever on box is easily oiled but usually the return from a clutch is great enough to pull it back but check anyway.

Why does your truck shake violently when you start to release your clutch?

Assuming you mean "engage the clutch" or "Release the clutch pedal" which is the exact opposite of what you actually asked: 1) clutch disc contaminated with grease/oil/brake fluid 2) engine misfire (is RPM high enough?)

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