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96 aspire with a man trans the bracket that holds the clutch and brake pedal broke you replaced it and 1500 miles later the new one broke also the clutch pushes down easy enough any ideas?



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Similar thing happened on my 94 Aspire. The bracket is made of several pieces of sheet steel, put together with spot welds. Every time you push the clutch the steel flexes. After so many times of pushing the clutch, the spot weld snaps from metal fatigue. I'm betting the replacement bracket you got was from a junk yard, so it too had been flexed alot. If this happened with your bracket, take the two pieces and line them up in their original position. Use vise grips to clamp them together and drill a hole for a bolt. A 1/4" bolt should be enough. Make sure it's short enough that it doesn't interfere with the travel of the the clutch or brake pedal. It's just about impossible to line up the bracket pieces and drill them when they're in place on the car. There's just not enough room to get a drill in and around everything under the dash. A flexible spring-type extension for a drill might work if you're lucky to have one. If you're a pack-rat, you saved the first bracket. You can fix that off the car and swap it out with the broken one. Either way you'll probably have to take out the one that's in the car now. You may want to think about disconnecting the negative battery terminal while fooling around under the dash. If you you slip with the drill and catch the wrong wire you could get unlucky enough to set off the airbag.