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It's an emergency warning system, telling you that a door is ajar. If you are certain all are closed, the problem is in the electrical/sensor system. this has happened to us before, the battery in our remote keychain (that opens and locks the doors etc) was low and was doing that. We replaced the batteries and no more problem! ~pawsalmighty


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Mine unlocks from the driver side electric lock. I just turn the key to unlock all doors and it does the trick.

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i dont know but i have the same problem. it sound like it un locks but i just won't open when you try it. Were just gonna take her to a shaop and ask/get her fixed, then post the answer to how to fix this from the mechanics mouth...

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when you open the door to your vehicle or unlock it with the key FOB, the lights turn on. usually the interior, headlights, and reverse lights shine.

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AnswerI'm assuming you mean "from the inside" since you would use your key from the outside. I'm not sure about the '92, because I have a '94, but on my van on the inside of the slider door there is a small rocker lever just above the door opening latch. This rocker causes my slider door to lock and unlock. Hope this helps!This answer is correct!!

Use the remote door lock to lock the doors, then unlock, then lock. The alarm should be reset. If not get in the vehicle, lock all the doors with them closed, unlock them, relock them walla alarm reset!

Because you probably pushed either the lock or unlock button on your key fob

Take it to the dealer as he has the information you seeek or get a manual on your car from the auto parts store.

When you unlock or open your door they illuminate the ground by your vehicle to warn of a puddle you might inadvertently step in.

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I have the same problems with my 97 Grand voyager for about 2 1/2 yers. Normally, I disconnect the ground on the battery, and let the computer clear itself. Normally about 15 minutes. Just recently, that would not cure the problem, so I hit panic and open a few times and that cleared it. It is a very aggravating problem, and I wish I could come up with a permanent fix for the problem. I would like to disconnect the alarm system and just lock and unlock the doors manually. Anybody have any experience doing that?

Yes! The three blinks indicate the system is armed and all doors are locked. If the lights do not flash, then a door is open. The single light flash upon unlocking tells you the system is disarmed.

Go to your is a dealer programable option along with follow me home lights, day time running lights and unlock door sequence

Chck to see if the stop lights are working. Shift interlock and stop lights are a common circuit. If stop lights do not work check the fuses. Try turng the key to 1st (unlock) position then shift to neutral to start the shift to Drive

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