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A whine that varies with speed is usually the alternator going bad.

2007-02-17 22:52:13
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Q: 97 SL2 has a whine that almost sounds like a turbo It varies with the speed of the engine. The power steering pump leaks but has for years.Its topped up?
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After refilling power steering fluid it has poured almost straight through with in 24 hours?

sounds like a bad power-steering line

You lost power steering and power brakes all at once no prior problems 2500 hd silverado?

Well sounds like you lost your hydroboost. You might have a power steering leak. Check your power steering fluid first. Over on the lower drivers side front of the engine.

You were driving your car and you heard a ting noise from the engine then right when you heard it your battery gauge went to 10 volts and your steering went stiff?

Sounds like you've had a belt brake! check your engine bay

What causes a howling sound from a 97 ford ranger 2.3 engine The only way to describe it is it sounds like a I have supercharger on my engine. It comes from the front of my engine.?

water pump or tenchener could also be that your power steering oil is low

My Engine makes a hi winning noise like the starter is not catching but belts are turning 1989 prelude?

Are you just trying to start the engine, or is it already running? If it is running it sounds like the power steering pump is bad.

How does a collapsable steering column work in a car?

dont know but it sounds like something to do with a steering wheel why dont you research it?

Why would the power sterring be noisy going forward but not in reverse on a Vauxhaul Astra 1600?

I would be surprised if the noise was actually coming from the power steering as the engine rotation which drives the steering pump is always the same, sounds like its more likely to be a gearbox issue

The steering wheel on your 98 dodge ram started shaking everytime you turn the wheel also from the engine is a sort of a knocking noise whenever you turn the wheel any ideas?

It sounds like the inner steering shaft. I had the same problem on a 1997 Dodge Ram.

Why does the engine warning light come on in your vauxhall astra with a simultaneous increase in engine temperature followed by a steep drop?

It sounds like the thermostat is opening up late causing the engine to almost overheat before it opens. Replace the thermostat.

Where can engine sounds be found online?

Engine sounds can be found on many websites on the internet. A few of the websites that have engine sounds include YouTube, Dailymotion or any other website where people can upload videos and audio.

I have a 1999 Pontiac grand am gt. How come when the motor is hot the power steering does not work?

Sounds like a weak power steering pump. Have you checked the power steering fluid?

What to do if your power steering whinnes when you turn and power steering fuild does not help?

It sounds like the pump is weak. It couls also be a bad belt.

Where should you look first for a problem with the engine sometimes quitting as you set the turn signals?

It sounds like your having electrical shorts in your steering column. I'd start by replacing the turn signal lever.

What could make the steering wheel vibrate slightly at idle in a 1999 Bonneville?

Sounds like a bad engine mount. Steel against SteelIt will be hard to find, must look REAL......CLOSE

Why does your steering on your van get hard and then get easy to steer on and off all the time?

Sounds like bad power steering pump, but could also just be the power steering pump belt is slipping.

What are the symptoms when short of steering fluid?

When the power steering fluid is low, you may experience some, all, or none, of the following symptoms:squealing or buzzing sounds associated with steering action.sticking or 'jumpy' steering wheel.lack of steering power (more effort required to turn the steering wheel).

What causes the steering to make sounds when turning?

It is most likely going to be the power steering fluid. Usually when your power steering fluid is low, the car will make a groaning or whining sound. Hope this helps!

What is red fluid leaking from your car?

sounds like transmisstion fluid or power steering.

You had a knocking in your engine earlier today you continued to drive it got worse louder then a pop no power steering all the sudden and the engine began to run hot HOT barely making it home What do?

check your oil to see if it looks milky, it sounds like you blew your motor

If an engine has a compression ratio of 7.1?

Depends on the make of engine, but that sounds about normal .

Car ideal codition either direction is very hard steering and noice is coming?

Sounds like you need to add some power steering fluid.

1998 Plymouth Voyager clicking in the steering column?

Clicking inside the steering column on the 1998 Plymouth Voyager sounds like a steering pump problem. It could also be that the steering box needs to be replaced. This should be looked at by a reputable mechanic as soon as possible.

Why would a 04 Grand Prix make a humming noise that gets worse turning right?

Its probably a wheel bearing but check your tyrod ends as well. Sounds like the power steering pump is bad (common on these cars) check the power steering fluid level (make sure the engine is cool to the touch first and be careful not to spill any as power steering fluid is very flamable.

What is the function of a car muffler?

To muffle the sounds of the engine /exhaust coming out take it off and see how it sounds!

How do you repair loose engine piston in a Chevy 2.2 engine?

Sounds like the engine is going to need a complete rebuild.