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I dont know if this will help but,I had a buick do the same and now a blazer.I put coil pack & ignition module all it was crank sensor,It will be around harmonic balancer,behind it or just below it,will have wire and plug to blazer,i have put crank sensor & ignition module didnt work Im going for heat sensor.on fuel injected the heat sensor controlls the temp of manifold and tells to choke more or put fuel to it.that is what info i have not temp of motor water temp.if u spray starter fluid in when warm and starts could be heat sensor. u should try some thing to see if u r getting fire to coil,fuel to top of motor by checking bleeder. find out how far you are gettin fire and fuel and that will narrow down.hope this helps u ,may not so good luck. maybe someone can add to this to help u.

My 97 has a temp gauge. If it's not overheating, I would doubt it would be the sensor.

I'm guessing this is more along the lines of the coil packs. They are in the front of the engine (where the plug wires plug into). You can take them out and have them tested at autopart stores.

You should also consider replacing the plug wires and plugs if the coil packs are the culprit.

The CTS or coolant temp. sensor needs replaced. It is bad and is telling the computer that the car is cold, therefore more gas! It will idle high when cold, but when warm, the engine is being flooded out and won,t start.
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Q: 97 Saturn sl1 does not start when warm and shuts down while driving someone said it could be temp sensor or crank position sensor can anyone help where is crank sensor located starts fine cold?
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