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Has a vacuum line come off? Intake butterfly not closing completely, throttle position sensor bad?

spring broke or popped off gas peddle

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What is the first thing you need to do to restart an automatic transmission vehicle if it stalls?

Put shifter in park or neutral.

1989 GMC Vandura stalls when put in drive and then floods Any help?

check coolant temp sensor

If 2002 Nissan Altima stalls when put into gear what is wrong?

it sounds like the neutral switch

Why does your 94 sunbird not downshift and stalls at stoplight?

If it's an automatic, you may have a sticking solenoid INSIDE the transmission.

Why does your car stall when you turn?

my van stalls while im turning or coasting no one seems to know why can you help me its an automatic

My 89 Ford Probe automatic transmission stalls when idling and has a hard time starting back up.?

I have had the same issue in my 92 gt and i replaced the fuel filter, vacume lines,and changed the tranny fluid and problem was gone due to one of the three changes

Pontiac sunbird stalls in gear but idles just fine?

Mine did this and I found out it was the timing belt that needed to be changed.

2000 gmc jimmy engine stalls while driving?

One reason that a 2000 GMC Jimmy engine stalls while driving could be your filter needing to be changed. The problem could also be a bad sensor.

Why would your automatic car start fine idle fine but when you put it into gear it stalls?


Whats the problem of my car starts and idles but stalls when you put it in drive or reverse yes its an automatic the car is a 87 Nissan sentra?

Probably an alternator.

The bike stalls when you release the clutch on your Honda motorcycle?

Is your kickstand up? Some bikes have an automatic shutoff that will not allow the bike to go if the kickstand is down.

Why does car stall when you push the accelerator?

If a car stalls when pushing the accelerator, the car may be in park. The car may also be in neutral if the car stalls and does not move. A very dirty fuel filter or a faulty fuel pump could cause that condition also.

What is the collective noun for stalls?

There is no specific collective noun for stalls, in which case a collective noun suitable for the circumstances is used, for example a row of stalls, a group of stalls, a bank of stalls.

My 1999 tracker 1.6 will start no prob drive for a bit then when you come to a stop it stalls not all the time but a lot what is it anyone?

is this car an automatic? take car to an automatic transmission shop. sounds like the torque converter is about worn out

Your automatic 1998 VT Commodore losing rpm then stalls?

yes,my vt is auto its fine wen its warm but first up in the morning it stalls two to three times before i can get going it happens most wen i change from reverse to drive,plz help

Your 1994 ford ranger stalls while driving you have replaced the fuel filter and spark plugs?

yes and no did not changed fuel filter

What are Sarabat stalls?

In Singapore, Sarabat Stalls are stalls selling drinks particularly milk tea

Dodge Neon Stalls When you Hit The Brakes?

If its an automatic I would bet money its the torque converter clutch soloniod in the valve body in the transmission, if its not that its probably a bad torque converter.

You have changed O2 and Camshaft Sensor but it stil stalls when RPM goes down when braking mostly What is there to fix?

vaccuum leak? maybe , just a theory

99 grandprix gtp supercharge Car stalls lose rpm gage already changed mass air flow sensor what could be wrong?

try checking the IAC motor. if it stalls at idle then it could be that. or the egr valve. one of the two have to be contributing to the problem

97 sebring loses power and stalls at low speed?

There could be a few reasons why a 1997 Chrysler Sebring loses power and stalls at a low speed. The thermostat could be bad, the battery cables could be lose, or a spark plug may need changed.

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What are the stalls in a theater?

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What is a choir stalls and organ used for in a church?

what is choir stalls and organs

What causes an automatic transmission not to idle?

If you mean each time you engage car in any gear forward or reverse & it immediately stalls - you have a bad torque converter. Start engine, put foot on brake, put car in NEUTRAL, if it DOES NOT stall, but it does stall if you repeat this test when you put car in drive or reverse = bad torque converter - It's called a "stall test"

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