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Do you leave it sit outside and run or do you drive it around and it still takes half and hour to warm up?

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DODGE 1992 RAM 350 cargo van overheating replaced thermostat flushed radiator and replaced cooling fan.?

Water pump defective.

How do you know if your car needs a new thermostat?

If your radiator isnt leaking and car is having a over heating problem and coolant spewing out. Chances are your thermostat needs replaced. possible the radiator needs to be flushed. But more likley its thermostat

Why is your 1976 Dodge Dart Sport radiator foaming?

cooling system needs flushed out and a new thermostat installed, also if the radiator is still original it probably needs replaced or rodded out.

98 Malibu running hot replaced thermostat water pump and flushed raditor?

Could be your electric fan on the radiator is shot, or the relay is bad.

What is wrong when the heater in your 2005 Pontiac grand prix doesn't work thermostat been replaced radiator flushed still doesn't work?

you must be a wierdo.stupid.

Why is the engine still overheating after you have replaced the water pump radiator and thermostat?

Have flushed complete cooling system replaced water pump radiator thermostat clutch fan added 2gal straight anti freeze then filled to capacity with water and truck is still over heating. What else could possibly be wrong

2004 Monte Carlo overheats radiator replaced cooling sensor replaced cooling system flushed fans replaced thermostat replaced any suggestions on fixing problem?

you might want to check for a blown head gasket or a cracked head or block. espically if it loosing water out of the radiator with out leaking on the ground.

Your temp gauge stays in hot Flushed radiator changed heat sensor and replaced thermostat to no avail?

Test gauge function with a mechanical gauge to get actual engine temp.

Why is my 1994 Grand Am SE overheating after the thermostat was replaced and radiator flushed?

Low coolant? System air bound? Hoses collapsing under pressure? Water pump not circulating coolant?

How can you clean out corrosion from the radiator core?

The radiator can be flushed with water running continuously. This will flush out any loose particles. The only way to completely clean the radiator is to have is professionally cleaned in a chemical bath.

What if you had a 1987 buick regal that you replaced the heater core the heater valve the thermostat the water pump and flushed the radiator and you still dont have heat?

System airbound? Coolant level? Temperature control cable?

96 Plymouth voyager changed radiator and theromastat no heat?

Have the heater core flushed. It might be plugged up with corrosion and dirt.

What could it be you've replaced the thermostat fan and motor and your contour is still overheating 1997 2.0 DOC. System was flushed as well.?

It could be a clogged radiator or cracked head or bad head gasket.

Why would your 1996 Ford Winstar still be overheating with no hot air blowing when you just had thermostat replaced twice and radiator flushed?

could be the water pump That is a typical symptom of an air lock in the cooling system

Your ford ranger temperature gauge drops when you turn on the defroster it is a 1991 you have replaced the thermostat and flushed the coolant twice?

The defrost is cooing your coolant by circulating the fluids through the heater core. Check the water pump to insure that its pumping and check the radiator for blockages in the fins. Also check for an air bubble that can happen when a thermostat is replaced.

Flashing Low coolant light on a 1998 Chevy voyerger i had the radiator flushed and filled and light is still on.?

change your thermostat.

Why does 1997 dodge stratus keep overheating after water pump replaced thermostat replaced and radiator flushed as well as pressure tested?


2000 transam that overheats when you turn the ac on you have replaced the thermostat and water pump you have also flushed the radiator 3 times and checked the air dam nothing worked it still overheats?

check your fan clutch if its weak it will overheat

What do you do when your 1997 v6 firebird is overheating after you have replaced the thermostat pump cap and flushed radiator?

If it has electric fans, make sure they are coming on when it get's hot. If not, then check the fuses and relays for them and power to the fans. Might just be a relay for the fans.

1993 ford explorer overheating flushed radiator no luck seems that thermostat is opening any suggestions?

Check the water pump

What might cause a 1993 Ford Taurus SHO to overheat when there are known leaks?

have you flushed your radiator or changed the thermostat it could be stuck

My Pontiac grand prix 93 overheats unless idling or going slow i replaced thermostat and water pump flushed radiator and replaced coolant and bled it I checked oil for milky color its fine?

did you use the right anti-freeze or you may have a bad fan/fan switch

What would cause a 95 Honda Civic to overheat?

well the Honda civic has main problems with the thermostat and radiator considering the year if it has never been replaced you should replace the thermostat then radiator cap and if this doesn't help you can do a pressure test to see if you have a leak or blown head gasket. the car could also have a bad water pump if this is the problem it will only take Min's to over heat the engine. you could havethings blocking your radiator i would have this flushed or replaced. also it could be your heater core hope this helps

Replace the Coolant Fluids?

form_title=Replace the Coolant Fluids form_header=The fluids in the cooling system need to be replaced regularly. When was the last time you go your coolant flushed?=_ If the thermostat needs to be replaced, would you like me to install a new one?= () Yes () No Have you noticed any leaks in your radiator?= () Yes () No

Why is your 1978 Monte Carlo over heating?

bad thermostat, bad waterpump, plugged radiator, or the cooling system is filthy and needs flushed out.