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try changing the build i think it has a double fillement build that works with the brake light and blincker

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Q: 99 s-10 pickup your LR brake light will not light up when you push the brake but the blinker works why is this and what can i do everything seems to be able to work?
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Where is the brake light relay on 1997 Nissan pickup?

On the brake pedal.

Is there a light for the blinker and brake light?

Depends on the vehicle. Resubmit your question with vehicle make, model and year.

Where is brake light switch on 1994 Nissan pickup?

on your brake pedal lever.

93 S-10 pickup brake light stays on?

brake light switch is broken or out of adjustment. brake light switch is located above brake pedal.

1998 dodge 3500 ram passenger blinker light will not flash and brake light will not work?


Why does the brake indicator light stay on in a S10 pickup?

The brake indicator light is for the EMERGENCY break, release this break.

Where is the brake light sensorswitch for a 1997 Chevy Pickup located?

are brake lights staying on or is brake in the dash on ?

No brake light on 1998 Mazda pickup?

If there is no brake lights on a 1998 Mazda pickup, check the fuse. If the fuse has blown, the lights will not work.

In 1983 Nissan pickup the brake lights aren't working but turn signals are how do you fix this?

The brake lights in your 1983 Nissan pickup truck are controlled by the brake light relay switch. When the brake light relay switch malfunctions the brake lights will stop working.

Where is the location of the brake light switch on a 1994 Toyota pickup?

The brake light switch is typically under the dashboard near the top of the brake pedal arm.

Why is your E Brake light on and you have hardly any service brake on your 1973 Ford pickup?

probably low on brake fluid

The right tail light and signal blinker work on your Toyota highlander but the right brake light does not How do you fix the problem?

Hmmm, kind of unusual because the same bulb filament serves BOTH the blinker and the brake function. It could be a short in the wire from the brake switch leading back to that particular bulb and if the left brake light work okay it would have to be somewhere AFTER the wires leading to the rear lights branch off from one another. Are you CERTAIN that the right rear signal blinker DOES work?

What wire is what on 07 nightster turn signals?

Black=Ground Purple=blinker Blue=light+brake

1999 ford expedition sometime the left blinker and brake light do not work?

There might be a break in the wiring.

Why on a 99 Chev Lumina are high mount brake light working signals and 4ways but not brake lights?

probably your blinker switch (multi-accessory switch). The high mount brake light is wired directly from the switch on the pedal but the rear two lights are wired through the pedal switch and then through the the blinker switch on the steering column. Almost all of those blinker switches go bad.

98 Chevy pickup brake light switch?

It is located just above the brake pedal pad.

Why are my brake lights out but my headlights and blinker work?

Nonfunctional Brake LightsOne possible cause of this issue is that the brake light switch is not adjusted properly, or the switch could be defective.

How do you replace the brake light on a 1991 Nissan pickup?

Remove the light assy and screw it in from the rear.

What will cause the brake lights on a 1991 Chevrolet pickup to stay on after the vehicle is turned off?

The brake light switch is under the dash, and whenever the brake pedal is touched the brake light comes on. If the switch has failed or is out of adjustment it will leave the brake light on.

Does a 1985 Monte Carlo have top brake light?

no, just one solid one, also used as the blinker.

What is a 2002 VUE trying to tell you when you press on the brake and the right blinker lights up as long as the pedal is pressed?

Your rt side brake light is burned out.

Your 94 Chevy pickup has no brake lights when ingnition is on why?

Check the fuse, check the bulbs, then check the brake light switch.

What year did dodge start puting brake light on cab of 1500 quad cab pickup?

The "3rd" brake light has been out since at least 1994.

Where do you put blinker fluid in a 2006 cutlass?

There is no such thing as blinker fluid, a blinker is a turn signal light. They do not require any fluid. Brake fluid goes in at the firewall in front of the driver there usually is a plastic top with a round metal thing behind it.

Why brake lights dont work everything else does?

replace brake light switch on brake pedal