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I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have the same problem. The ABS light came on, the brakes (all four) were replaced. The light would not go off. I just took it to the dealership and they determined that the controller had gone bad and that the part was discontinued by the manufacture a long time ago. They basically in so many words told me to disconnect the light, because otherwise it will never pass inspection. They stressed to me that they could not do this, that they were not allowed to do that. I need to find out how to disconnect the ABS light.

Jeep Abs control modules can be refurbished for much less than buying a new one ( around $100 ). One company that will do this is BBA-re manufacturing inc. They have an excellent web site and can also be found on E-bay. Please have the code checked, if it is a sensor or module code the base brakes will function ok. If it a pressure code then the base brakes could have a problem.

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Q: ABS light on your 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee brakes seem to be find any help?
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