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look in Google images you should be able to find a diagram for you

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Q: A fusebox diagram for a 1987 Oldsmobile Calais Supreme?
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How can I get a fuse diagram for 1986 Oldsmobile Calais?

You can find that information in the owners manual.

How do you replace the crankshaft sensor in a 1985 Oldsmobile Calais Supreme LN7 3.0 liter engine?

changing the crankshaft sensor

Water pump 1991 oldsmobile Calais?

JC Whitney and Parts Geek both carry the water pump for a 1991 Oldsmobile Calais.

Need Belt diagram for 1986 Oldsmobile cutlass?

My 1986 Olds Cutlass Calais doesn't have a serpentine belt. It has a separate alternator belt. How do I change it?

Were can you find a oil pump for a 1988 Oldsmobile cutlass calais 2.5L car?

i need an oil pump fro a 1988 oldsmobile cutlass calais where can i buy one?

What motors interchange with 1988 Oldsmobile calais 2.3?

The Oldsmobile Calais, also known as the Cutlass Calais, was produced by General Motors from 1985 to 1991. In 1987, the Quad 4 engine was developed and the 1988 Calais was fitted with it. All?æof the Quad 4 14 engine types of the 2.3 liter version are interchangeable on the 1988 Calais.

Where is quad driver located at on Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais S 2.3?

In the computer.

What is the size of a transmission on a 86 Oldsmobile cutlass?

If it's a Cutlass Supreme (RWD), 4 speed is a TH-200r4. 3 speed is a TH-250. Not sure about the FWD cars (Calais, Cierra).

What are the cylinder head torque specs on a Oldsmobile 3.1 liter?

what are the head tourque specs for a 1986 Oldsmobile calais 2.5 liter ?

Where is the gas filter on a 1988 Oldsmobile cutlass Calais?

under car in the back by gas tank

Where is the air filter located on a 1988 Oldsmobile Calais?

It should be inside the air cleaner housing.

What is mpg on 1987 Oldsmobile calais?

i got 38-40 mpg with mine. should have kept it.

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