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Q: A neighbor build a fence on your property Can she remove the fencepost without my permission?
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Can a neighbor place a mailbox on your property without your permission?


Can a neighbor install a mailbox on your property without permission?


Can neighbor come on your property to stain fence that they put on the property line?

Not without your permission.

What department to go to when your neighbor builds a fence on your property without permission?

building department.

Can your neighbor fix his gate to your house without permission?

His gate-yes. Just as you can trim tree branches extending over your property without permission even if the tree is planted on someone else's property.

Is it illegal to feed a neighbor's dog on your property without their permission?

Yes, it is illegal due to the dog is not certified to you.

If your fence falls onto neighbors property can you enter his property to repair it?

Technically in most states, you cannot enter his property without his permission. It is best to seek mediation or get the neighbor's permission before going on his property.

Would you borrow your neighbor interet why or why not?

If you borrow your neighbor's car without their permission you are a thief. So if you borrow your neighbor's Internet connection without their permission you are a thief

Can a neighbor cut your shrubs without permission?


Can a neighbor trim anothers tree without permission?

In most countries, you should not (without permission) trespass onto your neighbor's property to cut the tree, however it is quite in order to trim any part of a tree that overhangs the boundary of your property (up to the boundary only). It is also important that you return all the wood that is cut off to your neighbors property (it is his tree).

May I enter my neighbor's property to fix something on my house there is no other way to get up that high without a ladder on their property?

How well do you and your neighbor get along?Legally, I think you are tresspassing if you don't have permission to do so. Just ask if it's okay.

What if neighbor uses another access than assign easement?

They have no right to change the location of the access easement without written permission from the property owner.

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