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About how much would home schooling a high school senior cost?

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It depends on what kind of schooling you decide on

I don't know where you live but in Ohio and Pennsylvania there is a Charter School called OHDELA (Ohio's School) and PDELA(Penn.'s School) They are completely free and provide you with a computer, and all the books and school supplies you child will need. The program is very easy to follow, as 60% of it is internet and 40% is book work. Ever since I have started the program, I am getiiting WAY better grades than I ever did at Public School. I highly recommend homeschooling. The only thing you pay for is Internet access.

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How much does Ivn online schooling cost?

The cost for LVN schooling will vary from school to school. A good resource for information about schools and financial aid can be found here:

How long are ER doctors in school for?

How much does schooling cost to become a ER doctor?

How much does dental hygienist school cost?

Dental Hygienist schooling can be costly, but not as costly as some schooling can be. Please check out the site I have listed.

How much does massage school cost?

Massage therapy schools usually cost in the $6,000 - $14,000 range. The price varies depending on how extensive the schooling is and how prestigious the school is.

How much does the schooling cost to become an ultrasound tech?

There is no exact amount of money that schooling will cost to become an ultrasound tech. Schooling can cost as much as 100,000 dollars or more.

How much would a Italian travel package cost for a senior citizen?

The cost of an Italian travel package for a senior citizen would depend on the length of travel, types of accommodations, and the origin of the trip. There is a good chance you would be able to get a senior discount, though.

How much is tuition if you are studying to be an OBGYN?

An OBGYN must go to school for at least eight years of schooling. This can cost at least $100,000, depending on the school.

Where can I find about about the cost of long term senior care?

To find out more about long term senior care, I would check out the yellow pages for different senior care options. You can ask different homes about information to do with cost.

How much does it cost to get a realtor's license?

You will have to pay for schooling, your supplies for school and your certification. It really all depends on what school you go to & how many years you are required to attend.

How expensive is truck driving school?

Truck school can lead to greatly fulfilling and rewarding career. School can cost up to 20,000 dollars but most companies will actually play for your schooling.

How much will it cost to go to school for nursing?

The cost of schooling can be impacted by the location and reputation of the school as well as what type of nursing degree you want such as LPN or RN. On average the cost of going to school for nursing will be between 5 thousand and 40 thousand dollars plus the cost of testing which is usually 250.

cost of new dentures for senior citizen?

cost of new dentures for senior citizen

Which is better public school or private school?

The type of schooling one goes through is usually based on personal preference. However, private and public schooling both have pros and cons.Private schools tend to cost more, but can provide one on one learnig,and a public school is not as much cost but has larger classroom.Are you serious??? Private schools are a huge waste of money!!!

How much would it cost to become a criminal justice?

It doesnt cost anything all you need to do is take schooling on the computer like my uncle is!

What is the average cost of school for being a x ray technicians?

Radiology Technologistsschooling varies some have paid 30,000 it varies

What is the monthly cost of senior assisted living?

The monthly cost of senior assisted living is about $500

What is the average cost for schooling for HVAC?


Where can I find supplies for home schooling online for low cost?

Try for discount home school supplies. There's also

Do you pay for barbizon modeling school?

Yes. I am currently going through Barbizon right now and my cost is just over $2,000. The cost depends on where you live and which schooling you need or dont need.

What is the cost of schooling to become a real estate agent?

Generally, one can expect to pay anywhere from $200-$600 to complete the pre-licensing school.

How much will schooling to become a plumber cost?

a penny

How much does schooling in Ecuador cost?

cuanto dinero

How much does design school cost?

The cost of design school varies from school to school. I would first decide where you would like to go. Then look into the cost from there. Design schools are similar to other schools in that they have financial aid for their qualifying students.

How much does it cost for truck driving training?

Well of course you will have to become a certified CDL driver and find the closest CDL school to you. Most truck driving companies will actual pay for your school. But if you are wanting to be your own boss I would advice not to spend over 5k on your schooling.

Learning About the Cost of College?

Many people who decide to go to college are concerned about the cost of schooling. Before you decide on a school, you should always look at the overall cost of the college. For example, if you plan to stay in dorms, find out how much dorms would add to the cost of tuition. You should also find out how much lab costs are for certain classes. Once you know the overall college costs, you can determine how much financial aid you would possibly need to attend the school.