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Remove trapped air from the system

I had the same problem on my 1988 2.9L Bronco II. It seems that there was air in the cooling system somewhere! I paid a fellow in Chattanooga, TN $48 to bleed the system and the problem was resolved. That was three months ago and the fix has stuck. His solution also allowed the heater to generate hot air again, which was a good thing as it gets downright chilly here in eastern Tennessee during the winter. How air gets trapped in the system is beyond me, but there you are. Hope this helps.

i think how you get air bubbles in your radiator is putting the fluid in too fast. if you poor it in slow that should fix the problem if it is just air bubbles.

could be something as easy as retiming your truck

i had this happen to me on a 85 bronco you have to burp the system by raising the front up as high as you can or if you put the flush and fill kit on the heater hose you can put the coolant in there and that solved the problem for me

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Q: After changing out the radiator cap thermostat radiator hoses and cleaning the cooling system what could be the reason for a Ford bronco II to overheat?
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What could cause 4.6northstar engine to overheat even after changing the water pump thermostat radiator cap?

You have a blown head gasket.

Why does my truck overheat and then when I set the heater to defrost it cools down?

Check the thermostat or the radiator. The thermostat could be sticking or the radiator could be plugged.

Why does 1999 intrigue overheat?

Bad thermostat, cap and radiator is a common cause.

Why does your 2001 Chevy tracker overheat?

Bad radiator, gaskets, water pump, thermostat

Why does the 98 subaru impreza outback overheat?

You may need to replace the radiator thermostat and gasket.

Why does your car overheat after a radiator flush and head gasket fix has been put in it?

Fixer pluged radiator or caused thermostat to stick shut.

What will cause a Hyundai Elantra to overheat?

It could be the radiator is clogged. The thermostat could be bad (prevents the coolant from circulating from radiator to engine block)

Why would a Honda Del Sol overheat if it has a new radiator and enought coolant?

Check the fan thermostat.

Why does a 99 KIA Sportage still overheat then shut down after flushing the radiator changing the heat thermostat water pump and fan clutch?

Check to see if the thermostat got put in backwards. Make absolutely sure it's completely full of coolant.

Why does my Subaru Forester overheat?

One reasons a Subaru Forester may overheat is because the radiator may need replaced. Another reason could be the thermostat.

What would cause a 2000 neon to overheat?

Low coolant, stuck thermostat, failed waterpump, plugged radiator, inoperative radiator fans, etc.

Why does your 2003 dodge ram 4.7 overheat?

Low coolant, plugged radiator, inoperative fan, stuck thermostat.