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You didn't bleed the lines correctly. Open the brake fluid rez and keep it topped off properly while you perform this. Loosen bleeder valve and have someone push on the brakes. Quickly tighten the bleeder valve after you get some fluid coming out of the valve. As long as the fluid comes out smoothly without spitting out of the valve that brake set is fine. Tighten the valve and go to the next one and try that. Repeat as needed to make sure the fluid doesn't have air on the lines or you'll have very soft braking power. Now all the brakes should be fine and have adequate fluid pressure. Now test the brakes very gently by backing up and going forward a few times in the driveway or parking lot. Use the e-brake and release it a couple of times. Back up and go forward and notice the brakes grabbing. Now you can check it out on the road. Go slow and don't slam the brakes or you'll glaze the pad's surfaces and ruin your new brake pads. After the first 50 to 100 miles you can get a bit harder (back to normal) with the breaking.

Hope this helps.

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Q: After replacing front and back brakes and putting on new cylinders; What would cause them to not work properly?
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Why would back brakes not ingage on 88 Chevy pickup after putting new wheel cylinders on?

Not bled properly or not adjusted properly.

After replacing the master cylinder and bleeding the brakes on a 1988 Ford Escort you still have no brakes what now?

Did you bench bleed the master ? Are the calipers and wheel cylinders working properly ? Is there a break in the line somewhere ? Last , is the booster working properly ? What happens when you step on the brake now ? Are they soft and spongy ? Does the car stop at all ? More info is needed to answer this question properly.

Does putting oil on brakes mess them up?

Oil will soften up the brake material causing it to not function properly. The brakes may be grabby or may not stop at all.

A car with front desk brakes and rear drum brakes has cylinders where?

( 1 ) on each of the rear drum brakes

Why wont the wheel move after replacing brakes?

brakes are over adjusted

Why does the brakes stick on 1986 suzuki samurai when it has brand new brakes?

The calipers or wheel cylinders are bad.

Why Brakes still go to floor after bleeding 2004 and replacing master cylinder?

There is still no fluid pressure. Make sure that the master cylinder was bled as well as the wheel cylinders. New master cylinders can be tough to bleed all of the air out. The new master could be defective.

What happenes if your don't lube brakes properly after replacing them?

If you don't lube the caliper slide pins and pad slides, they'll bind. You'll get uneven pad wear

How do you fix brakes that dont work after putting on new pads?

bleed brakes

Why does my 1989 Nissan pickup grab several times when backing up?

your rear brakes are binding, and yourwheel cylinders are leaking and maybe your emergency cable ,thats connected to your secondary brake shoe needs replacing.

Why do brake calibrators need replacing?

brakes do not release

How can you put car in gear and brakes are out?

If the brakes are out then you have no business putting it in any gear because it is unsafe to drive a car with no brakes.

Why do a 1997 Trans Am wheel squeek even after replacing brakes and discs?

Try replacing your brake calipers.

Why does the ABS light stay on after replacing the dashboard light bulbs in a 1995 Ford Ranger?

You have a problem with the ABS system. Your brakes will still work properly but you will not have the extra safety of ABS. Have this checked out.

How do you remove bleeder screws in drum brakes that are rotted out?

Replace wheel cylinders

Bleedng anti lock brakes 1996 s10?

there are bleeders on the wheel cylinders

Is it possible to fix your brakes yourself?

Yes it is possible to replace brakes yourself. If you have the tools and a little background in cars, you should not have a problem replacing the brakes on the car.

Does a 1996 Dodge 1500 V8 pickup have wheel cylinders on the rear brakes?


When will air disc brakes be replacing drum brakes on trucks?

There's no guarantee that they will. Disc brakes have a higher initial cost and are prone to heating more quickly than foundation drum brakes.

After replacing front pads and rotors do you still need to bleed the brakes?

No you dont have to. All I did was was pump the brakes with the car running

What year did Yamaha start putting front disc brakes on yz 80?

had the same question, looked on and according to them its 1986 that they started putting disc brakes on the front

What happen to brakes overtime?

The pads or shoes wear out and need replacing.

How do you bleed brakes on a old impala?

The same way you bleed brakes on a newer car, bleeder valves are in back of the wheel cylinders on the backing plate.

Are disk brakes more likely to fade then drum brakes?

Less. If the pedal is going down, it is the master cylinder or one of the wheel cylinders leaking.

After replacing rear brakes the brakes are now squishy How do you fix this problem?

Bleed the rear brakes and add new brake fluid. Typically the brakes feeling as if they give too much or "squishy" is from small air bubbles in the brake by bleeding and adding new fluid you let out the small bubbles which cause the squishiness. When you changed the brakes many people tend to hit the line as well as not clamp them properly and therefore render the brakes "squishy". Hope this helps. J