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Q: Are 2001 Jetta brakes disc or drum?
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What type of brakes are on the rear of a 2001 4-door Ford Explorer XLT--disc or drum?

disc brakes on the rear since the 1995 model

Is it possible to swap drum brakes with disc brakes on a 96 VW jetta?

Yes... buy any Jetta, Golf or Cabrio model disc brakes or strip them at the junk yard. its easy to install but its possible. make sure its only from the years 1996-1998 if not it won't work

Does a Ford Explorer have disc or drum brakes?

On a Ford Explorer : There are disc brakes on the front and ( starting with the 1995 model year ) there are disc brakes on the rear also ( instead of drum brakes on the rear )

Does disk and drum brakes work exactly the same?

No. Drum brakes expand inside a rotating drum to stop the vehicle, disc brakes squeeze in against a rotating disc.

What are two innovation that bike brakes?

Disc brakes and drum brakes.

Does your 99 Ford Explorer have disc or drum brakes?

disc brakes , front and rear

What is the function of disc brakes?

Disc brakes stop a vehicle more efficiently than drum brakes.

Do drum brakes work better than disk brakes?

No, they are inferior to disc brakes. Drum brakes were used from the beginning of the auto up until the late 60s. Drum brakes are more prone to overheating than disc brakes. Disc brakes also shed water much better than drum brakes which improves stopping distance in wet conditions. Disc brakes apply pressure more evenly than drum brakes thus improving stopping distance. Disc brakes are superior in every way.

How do you change car brakes?

This will greatly depend on what kind of brakes you have and which parts you are trying to replace. Do you have disc or drum brakes? If you have disc brakes, do you want to replace the calipers, pads, or rotors? If you have drum brakes, do you want to replace the drum, or the shoes?

Are the rear brakes on a 96 Chrysler town and country drum or disc?

There drum, the front are disc and rear are drum

What kind of brakes does a 1994 Mercury Tracer have drum of disc?

front disc, rear drum.

Does your 1995 explorer sport have disc or drum rear brakes?

disc brakes , front and rear

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