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According to Consumer Reports, yes.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-02 05:09:31
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Q: Are Dodge Caravans better then ford winstars?
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Who is better dodge or Ford?

Ford has better quality than Dodge.Ford is OK but dodge is definitely better.

Who is better ford or dodge?

Better... at what?

What is the similarities between dodge and Ford?

ford is better than dodge

Is Ford better than dodge?

Ford is better than Dodge because Dodge is cheap! But Ford is not the best, reliable brand. Chevrolet or any General Motors Vehicle is the best!

Which is a better truck, a Ford or a Dodge?

Ford trucks are better than Dodge trucks. Over years Ford trucks will last longer than Dodge. Today 20 year old Ford truck still driving on the road.

What are better dodge trucks or Ford trucks?

dodge all of the way

Is ford better that dodge?

7.3 Yes, anything else No

Which is better doge or ford f1 50?

It comes down to personal preference . My Dad always bought Dodge , his brother bought Ford and Dodge , my brother had 1 Dodge and buys mostly Ford same as me

Why ford trucks are better then Dodge trucks?

Some people would tell you Dodge is better and some would tell you Chevy, GMC, Toyota, or Nissan is better. Truth is that all of them make great dependable trucks. Ford just happens to be the best selling pickup. Seems more people like the Ford design better than Dodge.

How is dodge better than Ford?

just the type of style, for an example, dodge has some nissan, the dogde viper and the ford has like the f150 they are both good in my opinion

What is better Chevy or dodge?

Chevrolet is good because of the CHEVROLET SILVERADO and Dodge is good because of the DODGE VIPER. I don't think Chevy is better than Dodge or Dodge is better than Chevy. But I think their both best though. But my favorite is Chevy. Chevrolet,Dodge,and Ford are three most popular brands.

Is the Ford truck better than the Dodge truck?

each has good and bad points,

Which truck has the most horsepower Ford F-150 Chevy Silverado or Dodge Ram 1500?

The Dodge Ram Is a way better truck than a crappy f-150... and the Chevy is better overall and in last place ford

Is the 1992 ford f150 a good truck?

Better than Chevy in comfort and power, better than dodge in everything

What are some opinions on which truck brand is better the Dodge or the Ford?

I don't know which is better , it comes down to personal preference. My Dad always bought Dodge. His brother bought Ford or Dodge. My brother and I have always bought Ford. Fords usually last longer if you believe their slogan (built tough) it make sense. Dodge aren't that bad either. You should test drive them to see which suits you better. Personal preference is the key between the two mentioned. I personally like the Chevy Silverado.

Who came first dodge or Ford?


Which is better speed wise Dodge Caliber or Ford Focus?

Depends on which Focus you buy. One of them goes 160 MPH. The Ford Focus RS.

Why were dodge engines used in the first ford cars?

The Dodge brothers had a contract to build engines for Henry Ford.The Dodge brothers had a contract to build engines for Henry Ford.

What is the difference between dodge and Ford?

Dodge is owned by FCA, Fiat Chrysler, and Ford is its own independent company. Ford also outsells Dodge in every one of it's same-class competitors. Ford sells more Mustangs than Dodge does Challengers, Ford sells more Edges than Dodge does Journeys, and Ford sells more F-150s than Dodge sells Ram 1500s, Ford sells more Super Dutys than Dodge does Ram Heavy-Dutys. Ford has a great advantage over Dodge and Chrysler.

Does ford own any part of dodge?

Dodge is owned by Chrysler and by Chrysler only. Ford does not own any part of Dodge.

What truck has more torque a dodge or ford?


Why are ford trucks better than dodge trucks?

Ford didn't take government money like Chrysler so some say they know what they are doing compared to Dodge. although ford didn't take government money the trucks still arent as durable as Chrystler and Chevrolet

Which is better Ford or dodge?

Depends on who you ask. Do some research on the Ford or Dodge you are interested in. Drive both vehicles and see which YOU like the best. What other people think really does not matter. What does your research show, and what do you like. This is the reason both makes are sold. My opinion is that I would buy Ford over Dodge, but that is just my opinion. You will get people who say just the opposite.

Is Ford the best truck out there?

It comes down to personal preference My dad always bought Dodge , his brother bought Ford or Dodge , my brother and I have each had one Dodge and the others have been Ford

Are Ford and Dodge the same thing?

No. Ford and Dodge are two separate car companies that make completely different modeled cars.