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Are Japanese considered Asian?

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Yes, absolutely.

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Are Koreans considered Asian?

Yes, Koreans are considered Asian, North East Asian or Altaic. Altaic Asians: Koreans, Mongols, Manchurians, Japanese, Asian Turkish.

Who is considered Asian-american?

An Asian American is an American of Asian descent. Examples of Asian descent include, but are not limited to Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese descent.

Are the Japanese Asian?

Yes, Japanese are Asian because Japan is located in Asia. The Japanese are one ethnic offshoot of the Asian/Polynesian human population.

Are Asians Japanese?

Japanese people are Asian, not all Asians are Japanese

Is joey Japanese?

No he is Asian

Is Japan considered an Asian country?

Yes. Japan is considered an Asian country

Are Hmong people considered Asian?

Yes, Hmong people are considered Asian.

Is naruto Asian or Japanese?

Japanese are asians who live in Asia is asians which means Chinese,Japanese,Korean and all other who live in continent Asia is Asian..

Are Japanese people Asian?


Who would win Japanese hornet or Asian hornet?

The Japanese hornet " the giant Asian hornet" is larger than the Asian hornet and it's venom contains a neurotoxin that the Asian hornet doesn't have. So it would seem that the Japanese variety would be at an advantage, but I'm only speculating.

Who is an Asian?

Anyone who is born in the continent of Asia can be considered Asian. People of Asian descent can also be considered Asian although some people from the Middle East would not identify themselves as Asian.

What is the word 'Asian' when translated from English to Japanese?

Ajia no belonging to Asia ajiajin Asian person

What race of people is considered Asian?

There are 47 Asian races. I will name some. Chinese ,Japanese, Mongolian, vietnamese, filipino, Korean, malaysian, Indonesian, Bangladesh, Pakistani, Indian. And many more. Too many to name.

What continent did Japanese immigrents come from?

Japanese immigrants came from Japan, which is on the Asian continent.

What is the definition for Japanese occupation?

the time period when the Japanese Empire occupied the Asian countries.

Are the people in russia considered to be Asian?

Considered to be European

What is 'hope' in Asian?

Asian is not a language. Are you asking for the word hope in Chinese? Japanese?

Where did scene hair originate?

It came from the Asian Mullet. The Asian Mullet came from Japanese animes!

Is Jeremy Guthrie Asian?

Yes, he is half Japanese.

What is Satoshi Tajiri's religion?

His religion is Asian. (Japanese)

Does hello kitty talk Japanese?

No she speaks Asian.

What is Pan Asian food?

Pan Asian food is a variety and combination of Asian food - Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese etc.

Is a Japanese holiday considered a Japanese culture?

It would be considered a cultural ITEM

Are Laos people Asian?

Yes. The country is in Asia, and they are considered Asian, so... Yeah. Laos people are Asian.

Are Indians considered Asian?