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Are Southern Baptists protestants?


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Any and all Christian denominations that are not Catholic are protestant by definition, so the answer is yes.

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Yes Southern Baptists are evangelical in faith and in practice.

about 15-25% of Southern Baptists identify themselves as calvinists.

Southern Baptists encourage it

Southern Baptists of Texas Convention was created in 1998.

15 percent of Americans identify themselves as Baptists or Southern Baptists.

I don't understand this question; Southern Baptists and Catholics are different denominations.

Some Southern Baptists dance and some don't. It depends on the type of dance.

when the term "baptist" is used most people are talking about Southern Baptists. They are the largest protestant group. They are organized as autonomous churches but the missions are unified.

It was mostly protestants, baptists, and calvinists

Southern Baptists call "Our Father Prayer" "The Lord's Prayer." Southern Baptists will say it as a group recitation, but not in every service normally... although each church may vary.

A Baptist IS a Protestant. The first Baptists were called Anabaptists, and they left the Catholic church to start their church.

Dorothy Hughes has written: 'Stories of Montana Southern Baptists, 1952-1993' -- subject(s): Baptists, Church history, History, Montana Southern Baptist Fellowship, Southern Baptists Convention

Primitive Baptists believe in predestination and also we do not have Sunday schools or musical instruments. This does not answer the question of the difference between missionary and southern baptists. Missionary baptists have closed communion and baptism to be members. Southern baptists are all about evangelism - dunk and dump.

Baptists are Protestant and do not submit to church hierarchies. Contrary to popular belief, Baptists are actually not protestants, we did not come out of the Protestant Reformation. Baptists had been called by many different names before being called Baptists.

Catholics, Persecuted Protestants, Quakers, Baptists, Puritans, and Wesleyans

The difference between Missionary Baptists and Southern Baptists is that Southern Baptists believe in two kinds of church , the local and the universal which they believed to be invisible, whereas Missionary Baptists believe that the church is always local and visible, not invisible. Southern Baptists believe that they are protestant reformers which came out from the Roman Catholic during the reformation, about 17th century whereas Missionary Baptists believe that they are the descendants of the 1st Century church founded by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Protestants are Christians other than Catholics and Orthodox. This includes Anglicans (Episcopalians), Lutherans, Methodists, Baptists, etc.

Catholics, Persecuted Protestants, Quaker, Baptists, Puritans, and Wesleyans

They are Christians who aren't Catholics. Popular Protestant denominations include Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists and Episcopalians.

Separatists Separatists. They were usually baptists and congregationalists!

quakers, puritans, anglicans, baptists, roman catholics, protestants, lutherans, presbyterians.

One major difference is that the Mennonites are a 'peace' church discouraging members from military service. The Southern Baptists support the military.

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