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yes boy hamsters are more aggressive then girls

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Q: Are boys generally more aggressive than girls?
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Are girls more aggressive than boys in soccer?

Generally, no. Boys tend to be far more aggressive, particularly at youth levels. Some girls do play as aggressively (sometimes even moreso) than boys, and when they do, they tend to be better at it.

Is basketball more for girls or boys?

It is generally associated more with boys whereas netball is seen as for girls

Are boys more active than girls but girls a bit more clever?

sometimes.... if boys play with girls they will be a bit more cleverer but if they play with other boys then they will be more active and aggressive especially if the boys they're playing with are older

Why do boys like aggressive girls?

Actually they do, boys minds are wired backward, girls like non aggressive boys and guys, ect. so, a boy may want to sex up a girl who is more out there

Why do teachers pick on boys and not girls?

It's usually because the boys are more aggressive; not that us girls aren't just as smart or just as aggressive, but in America our history has proven that males are 'smarter' and 'more important'.

Are girl hamsters more aggressive then boy hamsters?

Yes girls can be more aggressive than boys but female Syrian hamsters aren't so aggressive

Do you consider boys to be naturally more aggressive then girls?

There isn't one more aggressive then the other, sex doesn't define who you are each person does.

Why did the ancient Greeks want boys more than girls?

because the boys did more aggressive help like getting a job

Are boys more aggressive than girls wile playing field hockey?

Depends on who you are.

Do boys or girls lie more in a dating relationships in middle school?

The boys, generally.

Do teachers call on boys more then girls?

Generally, they are called equally. Obviously, if a class has 34 boys and 3 girls, there will be more boys called on than girls. It depends on the situation.

Why should boys and girls not be on the same sport team?

Girls shouldn't play on boys sports team because boys are too aggressive and have more power than girls.Also girls might be to dramatic when they get hurt,and boys might be paying more attention to the girls on their team then in the game.

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