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All answers on WikiAnswers are volunteered by amateurs. They are not professional legal opinions. This is very important to understand. See the Terms and Conditions linked above for details.

Here is input from one contributor:

  • My answers are. I always make sure my answers are correct before I give them. I wouldn't want to give anyone the wrong advice or answer to a legal matter.

Everyone should bear in mind regardless of where they find legal information (or any information) on the internet that it is of a general rather than specific nature and should be viewed as a legal opinion even though it may be based on fact.

States establish civil and criminal laws, statutes, codes, etc. that being the case what might apply in Alaska would not necessarily apply in any other state.

It is a misconception that US federal or state laws are constant and consistent when in reality they are ever changing. Existing laws both state and federal are always being subjected to repeal and amendment and new laws are being added continuously.

Combine those matters with the inconsistency of interpretation and application and it becomes apparent that the best option is to always seek the advice of a qualified attorney who practices in the field of law that is applicable to the individuals situation.


I am Canadian and will usually put my answer as such. Yes, most questions asked are from the U.S. It is best to get legal help and the above poster gave you good reasons why you should.


I am British but lived in the US for four years so I am aware of the differences between our countries. If I know the answer (there is an 'age of majority' website for example) I will post it but if I don't know I won't. Then again there are more and more questions and answers coming from other countries too.


The majority of contributors being from the US, many such questions and answers will often only address the relevant US law. Some people will also try to answer in general terms, in a way that applies to everywhere, or at least give you possibilities that can be refined by asking a country-specified question.

However, if the question is a general one or does not specify jurisdiction, it is preferable for it to be labelled specifically as "In the US" or "In Britain" or whichever other country is appropriate for that section of the answer.

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Q: Are the answers on WikiAnswers based on US law?
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