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You can make an offer in any state. Its up to the lender to accept or reject it. Has the lender tried to work with you on payments already and it didnt work out?At this state of the game, the lender wants more than promises. They want MONEY NOW. The more the better. They can get 25% of your disposable income by garnishment so why would they settle for less in an offer? Its time to get serious about paying this debt. Good Luck

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Q: Are the payments due after repossession the actual car notes or can you negotiate a payment in the state of Maryland?
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How will one be able to stop the repossession of a vehicle?

Sometimes one can negotiate with the company holding title to the automobile and work out a payment schedule to pay back the amount in arrears, but some companies will not negotiate at all. The easiest way to prevent a vehicle repossession is to ensure that all payments are made according to the payment terms.

What happens when you get call regarding repossession but no letter after making a payment?

One payment may not be enough to stop the progress of the repossession proceedings. You need to communicate with the mortgage company and arrange to make regular payments.

If you make one payment when payments are behind can this stop the repossession?

Check your loan contract, but in most cases (99.99%) if the payment does not represent the total past due amount, or if you do not have arrangements with the lender setting asside repossession actions in lieu of payment arrangements, no; one payment toward a past due balance will not stop or delay repossession of the vehicle.

Can a car be repossessed if you are two payments behind?

Legally if you miss 1 payment you are delinquent and they can start repossession proceedings on their vehicle.

If your loan is not 30 days over due and you have the money to pay the payment can the bank refuse your payment?

Yes. When a contract becomes defaulted, the lender does not have to accept payments or futher negotiate with the borrower unless they choose to. Most lenders will try to work with the borrower rather than resort to the expensive process of repossession or legal actions.

How many payments in the state of Texas can you be behind for repo?

Legally if you miss 1 payment you are delinquent and they can start repossession proceedings on their vehicle.

What are the repossession laws concerning a title loan company and are they able torepossess a vehicle 2 weeks BEFORE the first payment is due?

The repossession laws will vary with each city/state. A title loan company can't repo a car if the payment is not yet due unless the car is behind on payments.

How can you avoid repossession of your vehicle if you are willing to pay in installments?

Definately try and negotiate a payment deal. Don't take no for an answer, ask for managers, supervisors whoever you need to to make it happen. Be as honest as you can.

Can a bank still repossess your car if they said they would cancel it and you have made payment arrangements to get current?

If you continue to make payments as agreed, on time, you should be safe from repossession.

If you are in repossession status and are making efforts to pay on your late payments can they still repossess your vehicle?

Once the loan is in default the bank has the right to refuse payment and repossess the vehicle.

Negotiate Better Deals?

First of all, don't ever pay sticker price. Negotiate the lowest price possible so that your payments are more affordable. After that, pay as much as you can on your down payment. It may seem hard to do at first, but in the end you will pay less in payments because you will be paying less interest on you loan.

Is there a statutet of limitation for collecting payment of a reposessed auto?

There are no Statue of limitations on repossession orders given to repo companies. Payments to the finance company can be squashed easily as going into bankruptcy!

Is it legal to reposes a car 8 days before the payment is due and five days after purchasing the vehicle?

That sounds odd, repossession is usually done when you've missed payments.

How far behind in my car payments can I be, before I have to worry about repossession?

You can start to worry about repossession of your vehicle as soon as you miss your payment. Depending on the loan amount and the type of vehicle you have you may have up to 30 days from your last missed payment to risk loosing your vehicle. If you keep in touch with the lender of your car, you have a better chance of not loosing your vehicle right away.

Can repossession happen for being 10 days late on a payment?

Repossession can happen any time after a payment goes late; it all depends what the initial contract states.

How late can a vehicle payment be in Virginia before repossession?

I am a repossession agent in Virginia it takes 2-3 months of not paying before the repossession status occurs.AnswerI am a repossession agent in Virginia it takes 1 missed payment then repossession status occurs.

How can you prevent the repossession of a car?

The best way to prevent the repossession of a car is to pay your monthly note on time. If you are unable to make your payments as scheduled, you should contact the lean holder and make other arrangements. If you at least make some payment, many lenders are willing to work with you.

How late on payments do you have to be before your car can be repoed in Arizona?

Depends on your finance agreement. Most say that after you miss a payment it can be repo'd. There really is no state mandated time limit before repossession can occur. Best thing to do is make your payments and that way you don't have to worry about it.

Is it better to have a repossession or delinquent payments on your credit report?

Although late payments (especially those over 60 days delequint) will have a strong negative effect on your score much like a repossession, the repossession will have a more severe, long-term negative effect than a late payment. Late payments dilute themselves relatively quickly as time passes - an initial 30 day late will hurt your score by about 50 points, but after a year this will diminish to about half, and will continue to do so over time, whereas a repossession's effects will take many more years to diminish. Also keep in mind that in the future, whenever you wish to purchase a new or used car on credit, you will have to disclose your repossession to the dealer. This may hinder your ability to attain such credit. If you feel you are unable to make a scheduled payment on your automobile, call your creditor and see if you can arrange a new payment plan. Repossession is a costly procedure and creditors would like to avoid it if at all possible. Communication is key - it never hurts to ask for assistance. Hope this helps!

If a few payments were made to a collection agency for a repossession after the fact will the repo come off of the credit report 7 years after the repo or 7 years after the few payments were made?

The report will be removed 7 years after the date of the last on time payment to the original creditor.

Can the lender repossess your car if you didn't make the payments because they never sent a payment book?

They can repossess your car if you defaulted on the loan. You knew you owed the money and you knew you didn't receive a payment book. It was your obligation to contact the lender to arrange to make your payments. You should seek the advice of an attorney who may be able to negotiate with the lender on your behalf. Not making your payments for your debt on such a technicality is really dangerous.

When would a house be in danger of repossession?

Typically, a house can be repossessed after 90 days of non payment by the mortgage holder. However, it is not illegal for repossession to begin after a missed payment, though this is extremely rare.

Can a repossession company keep your personal belongings for the storage fee in Wisconsin?

In most cases, a repossession can keep personal belongs for non payment. The company, however, must release them once payment is made.

How do get your car back after a repossession?

If your car has been repossessed by the bank for missing payments, the quickest and most efficient way to retrieve your vehicle is to contact the bank and make your back payments. When contacting the bank about back payments see if there is a new payment plan system that you can set up with them that is more beneficial to you, to avoid having the car repossessed again.

What is the ratio of 400 down payment to the amount of 1200?

400 down payments : 1200 = 1 down payment : 3 payments or 1/3 dp : 1 payment

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