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Are the right head and the left head universal on a 3.1 motor?

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Your right brain is on the right side of your head. However, the motor cortex (or motor strip) controls movements on the left side of your body. The right brain is more involved in spatial activities, overall, whereas the left brain has more involvement with speech and language (Broca's and Wernicke's areas).

1996 Buick Lesabre power steering location?

RIGHT SIDE OF THE MOTOR IN THE BACK --- (if facing motor head-on, it's on the left side in the back)

Does Lincoln's head on a penny face left or right?

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Where are motor mounts located?

connecting motor to frame on bottom left and right of motor.

Where is the tranny dipstick on a 92 cheyene w 4.3L?

behind the left head between the motor and the fire wall. behind the left head between the motor and the fire wall.

Where is the manifold on a 91 Nissan 300zx?

There are two, they are bolted to the left side of the left head and the right side of the right head.

What is the universal remote code for Craig cvd508 converter box?

up up left left right right b a select start

Is there a left and right head on 350 Chevy?

Same head, they interchange.

Location of alternator on 2000 s10 pickup right or left?

if you are facing the truck it is on your left hand side of the motor, if you are sitting in your truck it is on the right side of the motor... the side the battery is on.

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a congenital inability to initiate horizontal saccades. Children with this condition often use head thrusts to move their eyes to the left and right.

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How do you know which cylinder head is the right one or the left one?

When your sitting in the car facing forward your right and left arms are the same as the right and left side of the vehicle.

Is there a right side and a left side on a motor mount?

seriously? Are you an idiot?

How do you unscrew a trimmer head?

It should UNtighten counter from the rotation of the head. If head rotates right then unscrew left.

On a 1990 dodge Dakota to change the left and right motor mount can the motor be lifted to change the motor mounts or do you have to pull the motor out?

It can be done by lifting the engine up.

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Which lobe effects motor function of right side?

The left frontal lobe.

Where is the wiper motor in a 98 Astro?

it right to the left of the power steering resevoir

Cylinder numbers on 8 cylinder Chevy motor?

Standing in the front of the engine, Right head front to rear are cylinders 1-3-5-7The left head front to back are cylinders 2-4-6-8

The right side of your brian controls what side of your body?

The left: the motor and sensory nerves cross over to the other side of the body so that perception from the right hemisphere is processed in the left side of the brain and commands from motor neurons that control the left side of the body originate from the right side of the brain,

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Where is the 1 cylinder on a 1995 Chevy lumina 3.1?

Easy answer: Its the first one on the left, in the front. Complicated answer: The front of the motor is the side with the Drive Belt. The left and right of the motor is designated as if you were laying on top of it, with your head at the front of the motor. The left side of the engine is the 1-3-5 side. The right side is 2-4-6. The number 1 (#1) cylinder is always on the left side of the motor, but figuring out which side is left is always opposite what you think, and in front-wheel drive cars, it is backwards and sideways. Basically the #1 is just left of the belts in most cases, but you need to understand it is left looking from the rear. So anyways the #1 cylinder is just in front of you, the first one on your left.

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