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Yes there are many singers and poets are from Iraq!

Darien Zanyer

and much more

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Q: Are there any famous people from Iraq?
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What are the famous people in Iraq?

The famous people in Iraq was Saddam Husein. But now is Nuri Al Maliki

Famous people from Iraq?

prophet mohammed

Famous people in Iraq?

Late Saddam Husaain

Who are some famous people in iraq?

Osama bin laden

What is Iraq famous for?

its famous for the war that took place in iraq

Most famous food in Iraq?

The most famous food in Iraq is meat with fruit

Famous people in gulf war?

Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini & Iraq's Saddam Hussein

Are there any famous people in capitalism?

are there any famous people in capitalism?

What was the purpose of Iraq's no fly zone?

As I understand it - Iraq is not allowed to have any planes/aircraft in the skies. Purpose is so they cannot bomb their own (or any) people.

Why is Iraq not like any other country and and people think Kurdistan is like Iraq too?

In 1923, Kurdistan was divided between the two countries that are Iraq and Turkey today.

Who are Iraq's famous people?

there are a lot of famous people that are Iraqi eg. entifadah qanber who is a pollation he apperes on lots of Arabic tevesion programs abd ismail farwchi who is a famous singer and lots more people lots of fammilys are well noun too

Which country is famous for terrorism?

iraq and iran