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- There is a group called Women on Waves (WoW) that is working to help women end pregnancy safely - while I personally disagree with abortion I would rather see women in the situation cared for professionally and safely than to know a women lost her life to a butcher. I only hope you will consider all your options before terminating a pregnancy. The WoW link will be the second - the first being information regarding using pills to end a pregnancy.

- Up to the 9th week you can have a medical abortion and the pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol is on prescription and given to you by your doctor after you've been examined.

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Will pregNancy stop pills stop pregnancy?

I'm sorry but I can not find anything about any pills called PregNancy stop pills. Please check for the name of the medicine again.

Can pills stop pregnancy after 4 days?

Pills do not stop pregnancy, they only prevent it.

Can pregnancy be stopped by taking pills after 2months of pregnancy?

No that wont stop the pregnancy and that's not good if you do that.

Are there any pills to stop pregnancy after one month?

The abortion pill is the only one I know about. You can ask your doctor about it.

What are the pills giving to stop pregnancy?

there are two name of tablets which use to stop pregnancy1)Misoprostol2)mifepristone.

How stop pregnancy?

Abortion at the doctors, either by surgery or pills.

Can birth control pills stop pregnancy?

No birth control prevents pregnancy. To stop it once you are pregnant you will need an abortion.No, contraception is designed to prevent pregnancy, not stop it.Once you are pregnant only an abortion will stop the natural progress of the pregnancy.

How can you stp a pregnancy after 3 weeks?

You can not stop it using pills. You have to do abortion.

Is there any pills to stop sleeping?

cocaine pills

How do you safe from pregnancy?

If you are a male, use a condom. A female, Use a femidom. Or you can take pills to stop the pregnancy.

How many pills one take to prevent pregnancy?

Depends on what pills you are talking about. For any pill that prevents pregnancy, or end pregnancy, there are instructions or prescription to follow.

Is their any medicine without any side effect that can stop pregnancy after five weeks?

There are pills you can take to "abort" the pregnancy, but heavy bleeding would be a 'side effect'. So if you're trying to terminate your pregnancy, there will ALWAYS be a side effect.

Does loestrin20 stop pregnancy?

Birth control pills prevent pregnancy, they don't terminate it once it's a fact.

Which pills can stop pregnancy at early stage?

A combo of Mifpristone and Misoprostol that you get from the doctor.

What other symptoms can occur after you stop taking birth control pills?


Pregnancy and pills not to take during 3 to 4 weeks pregnancy?

You shouldn't take any pills during your pregnancy. This is an unhealthy thing to do for your baby. It can effect its growth.

How long to stop taking pills to determine pregnancy?

You can take a pregnancy test while you're on the pill. You don't need to stop the pill to find out if you're pregnant.

Is it easier to get pregnant after birth control pills?

Birth control pills are meant to prevent pregnancy. It's easier to get pregnant when you stop them. There is no special "fertility boost" in the time just after you stop.

Is it possible to stop your period by switching off the placebo pills and onto to the normal pills two days into your period?

Yes. Taking the pills that way does not increase the risk of pregnancy.

Do you need to stop taking the pill to get pregnant?

Yes. The pills main purpose is to prevent pregnancy.

Can you plan your pregnancy on birth control pills?

Because you can't be sure when you ovulate, you can't count on planning the timing of pregnancy precisely by using birth control pills. If you want to get pregnant, stop the pill.

Are there any medicines you can take to prevent pregnancy?

birth control pills

Will first pregnancy aborted by pills by first month will have any problem for future pregnancy?

No there are no risks to a future pregnancy following an abortion.

What is the price of check up in doctor for using pills to stop pregnancy?

The whole cost for an abortion including pills and 4 visits is around $500.

If you take your pills after missing 2 in the first week can you cancel out a pregnancy?

I am not sure what you mean by cancel out a pregnancy. The only way to stop a pregnancy once it occurs is abortion. Sometimes you can induce a period before pregnancy occurs to prevent it. The pills have instructions that say exactly how many you can miss.

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