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Are there anythings too know when installing a automatic transmission?

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βˆ™ 2007-06-24 18:16:00

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Only thing that can cause problems is making sure the torque converter is all the way in. It should engage on the shaft 3 times, sometimes the last one is a little difficult. The converter should almost be rubbing the bell housing. Some require the flywheel to be in one place. The flywheel to torque converter bolts will only line up in one position. Not all, some it doesn't make a difference. Everything else is just nuts and bolts.

2007-06-24 18:16:00
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Can you get a 1968 Pontiac Firebird with automatic transmission?

Yes you can my neighbor has one same year automatic I don't know what transmission it is though sorry. I know it had a 350 in it

How do you know if your transmission is going out on a manual transmission?

If your transmission is manual, you will have to change gear. If it is automatic, you won't.

How do you know what type of transmission you have?

If you shift manually, you have a manual transmission. If your car shifts for you, you have an automatic.

How do you remove a transmission from a 1951 Chevy?

Need to know if it is a truck or car and if it is a standard or automatic transmission.

How many quarts of automatic transmission fluid does the 2005 Lexus IS 300 automatic transmission hold?

i think i dont know holds 16 quaters

Where to top up the transmission fluid on a manual 1998 Honda civic vti?

and automatic transmission does not require tranny fluid, as it is a "manual" and not automatic

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You have to know whats wrong with the transmission before you can fix it.

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What kind of transmission is in a 01' camaro automatic?

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Will Transmission From 1996 Ford Explorer 4x4 Fit In1994 Ford Explorer?

If this is an AUTOMATIC transmission ( NO ) * starting with the 1995 model year of the Ford Explorer , the automatic transmission was electronically controlled ( I don't know about the 5 speed manual transmission )

Does the t-rex come in automatic transmission?

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How do you know if your transmission line is leaking?

Usually automatic transmission fluid is a reddish color. If you see red fluid on your driveway, then you probably have a transmission leak.

What type of transmission is in a Nissan?

A stock Nissan transmission is usually what comes with it. You know? Sometimes I hear that they had both automatic AND manual transmissions.

Where is the transmission dip stick located on a 2004 mercury mountaineer?

The 2004 Mercury Mountaineer does not have an automatic transmission fluid dipstick . I know that the 2002 and newer Ford Explorer four door versions do not have a dipstick for the automatic transmission fluid level .

Transmission 95 firebird?

Automatic 4L60 Manual T-56 What else do you want to know?

What kind of automatic transmission comes in a Chevy 1500?

Need to know what Year. That would be helpful.

Where do you add automatic transmission fluid in a 2002 Nissan Xterra?

"I don't know" - Branson Maynard

Do coaches have a manual or automatic transmission?

Depending on their GVWR and distances they're expected to travel, they can have either an Allison automatic transmission or an autoshift transmission, which is a twin countershaft manual transmission gearbox with automated shifting and an automated clutch.

What Honda manual transmission can be swap to a automatic Honda h22 transmission?

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What is the difference between the 2 2000 Honda cr-v automatic gear boxes?

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I have a 95 explorer. I wanted to know what years have the same transmission?

As far as I know , just the 1995 and 1996 Ford Explorer used the same automatic transmission on the 4.0 L - OHV - V6

Cars transmission automatic or manual faster?

tacos ok manual is faster and if you want to know why just ask me

What degree of timing for a Chevy 250 6-cylinder?

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