Are there deaf police officers in the United States?

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Yes there are three known deaf police officers in the United States. Two male officers and one female.Each one of us HAD to excel do work the road.

(HWK) Yes there is.

In Washington D.C. Who was Campus Police (Don't know if I can post real name without permissions but I'm Initialing it) D.P. from 1990 1998, D.B. from 1991 - 2004 , H.W.K. (Myself) who is Deaf Police Officer Since 1999 Plan to Retire in 30 years, M.L. 2000 - 2004, J.J. 2010 - 2012. (All Officer did not carry Guns however carried everything else)

In Alaska a Officer T.W. from 2003-2010 who died in the line of duty. (He Carried a Gun He was on Tactical Response )

In Texas 2009 Present K.B. of Emory Police Dept. (He also Carried a Gun)

There's also One that works with one of the CIA. Can't give his name, but I know him personally. (HWK)
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How long does a police officer have to process a ticket in Washington state?

Once a non-criminal ticket is issued, it MUST be filed with the court within five (5) days.. The State supreme Court sets standards for certain procedures, including the filing of non-criminal tickets - or, by their proper name, Notices of Infractions (NOI).. See Court Rule: IRLJ 2.2(d) which stat ( Full Answer )

Can police officers carry firearms across states?

Yes - when in performance of their duties.. If they are going out of state as Joe Citizen, (hunting trip, vacation, etc.) then they need to follow the same licensing requirements.. ________. U.S. police officers can carry anywhere in the U.S. under HR218, the "Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act," ( Full Answer )

How do you become a k-9 unit police officer?

K-9 Handlers are selected by, but not limited to, the following conditions:. Seniority (with at least three years as an Environmental Conservation Officer) . The need for dog placement in a geographical location within one of NY state's nine regions . Past performance rating . Physical condition ( Full Answer )

How many police officers are employed in the United States?

There are as of 2006, 683,396 full time state, city, university andcollege, metropolitan and non-metropolitan county, and other lawenforcement officers in the United States. There are approx.120,000 full time law enforcement personnel working for the federalgovernment adding up to a total number of ( Full Answer )

Can a state police officer join raw IB nsg?

I dont know for sure abot RAW and IB. I do know however that the leadership of IB and RAW consists of IPS Officers. For that you have to take the Civil Services Exam. NSG is a part of the Army. Once you join the army and have served for atleast two years, only then can you volunteer to join NSG. NSG ( Full Answer )

What are the typical working hours for a Police Officer in the United States?

there are three (3) shifts 8am - 4pm , 4pm - 12am and 12am - 8am ... Another View: The above is not necessarily true for ALL law enforcement agencies. While there are many which break their work shifts into 3 equal 8 hours duty shifts, many agencies also use a 12 hour on-12 hour off duty shift, ( Full Answer )

Is there really a deaf police officer?

Yes , there are several. Each one is an above average officer. They have to be .. There are many opportunities for deaf people willing to work hard to compensate and overcome obstacles. For those considering hiring a deaf person ... let them prove themselves and most will excel beyond your imaginat ( Full Answer )

What is required of you to have in order to be a police officer in the state of Missouri?

Most jurisdictions now maintain their own web-sites from whcih you can get information about specific agencies that interest you. Generally, you will probably have to be at least 21 years of age - meet certain height/weight standards - good physical and mental health - and possess a high school (or ( Full Answer )

The difference between state and local police officers?

State police officers (aka: Highway patrol - State Troopers - State patrol - etc) are employed by the state government and have authority anywhere within the states borders. Local police officers work for the town/city/county/etc, that employ them and their authority usually (but not necessarily, al ( Full Answer )

Can you speak with the deaf police officers?

No they are deaf! And I have never heard of deaf Police Officers since the job requires you to be able to hear and speak and see and walk and run and many other things. But I suppose if they were deaf you could write on a piece of paper and have them read it or try to learn basic sign language lik ( Full Answer )

How many police agencies in the United states?

Given that the Federal government has several - every state has one - every county and virtually every town or political sub-division of those counties have one... the number is literally in the thousands and possibly the hundreds of thousands.

If a police officer sees a crime but he is not assigned to that unit do they still have to go?

Police officers have considerable discretion in the way they respond to calls for service and observed incidents that might warrant intervention or an enforcement action. The basis for these decisions involve many factors, but priority is a major issue. If an officer has been dispatched to a robbery ( Full Answer )

What states does correction officer have the same powers as police officers?

Some states give corrections officers the same peace officer powers as police officers, and others don't. In some places, corrections officers have peace officer powers only when they are on duty at the jail or prison. Off duty, they are private citizens with no special police powers. ADDED: Also, ( Full Answer )

Can an out of state police officer carry a gun in California?

Yes. In addition, honorably retired police officers can carry their firearms in any state. the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA) (18 U.S.C. §§, 926B, 926C.) is a federal law which allows an active, or honorably retired, qualified law enforcement officer" with identification that meet ( Full Answer )

Does Erie state police department have a dog unit?

Erie WHERE ? Erie is either a city or a county, and unless it just happens to have a state police barracks located there, they probably operate a LOCAL police department.

What state is hiring the most police officers?

"New York is hiring the highest amount of police officers. Other places with a high amount of officer jobs available are Maryland, Virginia and California."

Do all states require you to get a certification to become a police officer?

In some states, you can start work as a law enforcement officer before completing the academy, but you must usually complete it within six months to a year of hire, depending on the state. Most law enforcement agencies require their new hires to attend basic training before performing any enforcemen ( Full Answer )

In which States is it legal to use recording equipment on a police officer?

There are 38 states in which it is legal to use recording equiptment on a police officer this is however, as long as it does not interfere with their work. Some of these states are; California, Conneticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusettes< Michigan, Montanna and Washington.

How do the police usually approach recruitment in the United States?

In the US, recruitment to the police force is encouraged if the person has interest. However, can not have reportings of illegal behaviour or something like that. There may be exceptions if there is only one reporting but it cannot be a severe crime. Overall, they encourage recruitment.

How old is the United States Post Office?

The United States Post Office is very old. It is actually over 200 years old, and has been used for a very long time. It was not as large when it first started, but has grown.