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Yes , there are several. Each one is an above average officer. They have to be . There are many opportunities for deaf people willing to work hard to compensate and overcome obstacles. For those considering hiring a deaf person ... let them prove themselves and most will excel beyond your imagination.... Deputy Susie's Street Survival Programs

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Yes there are three known deaf police officers in the United States. Two male officers and one female.Each one of us HAD to excel do work the road.

(HWK) Yes there is.

In Washington D.C. Who was Campus Police (Don't know if I can post real name without permissions but I'm Initialing it) D.P. from 1990 1998, D.B. from 1991 - 2004 , H.W.K. (Myself) who is Deaf Police Officer Since 1999 Plan to Retire in 30 years, M.L. 2000 - 2004, J.J. 2010 - 2012. (All Officer did not carry Guns however carried everything else)

In Alaska a Officer T.W. from 2003-2010 who died in the line of duty. (He Carried a Gun He was on Tactical Response )

In Texas 2009 Present K.B. of Emory Police Dept. (He also Carried a Gun)

There's also One that works with one of the CIA. Can't give his name, but I know him personally. (HWK)

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Q: Is there really a deaf police officer?
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