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For free kettlebell workouts check out, they offer seven varieties and other information regarding the workouts.

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Q: Are there free kettlebell workout plans?
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What does the Kettlebell Workout offer its patrons that other workouts don't?

The Kettlebell Workout works quickly. The weight in a Kettlebell is not evenly distributed, which causes stabilizer muscles to work harder. In addition, Kettlebell allows for a varied workout, not one that gets boring.

Where can I buy a kettlebell workout DVD?

Amazon advertises a 3 DVD kettlebell workout set and a variety of other workout options. Another source is KettleWorx which has a variety of DVDs and also sells the balls.

What are kettlebell workout routines?

Kettlebell workouts are new workouts designed around an exercise apparatus. They are great for targeting the core muscles and getting a full body workout.

Where can you get free workout plans?

There are dozens of websites offering free workout plans to lose weight. One of them is, or or

What actors and actresses appeared in The Kettlebell Goddess Workout - 2008?

The cast of The Kettlebell Goddess Workout - 2008 includes: Nicole DuCane as herself Andrea Jackson DuCane as herself

Where can I buy a kettlebell workout routines DVD?

Most shops, such as Wal-Mart, or fitness stores nationwide, sell workout routine DVD's. Inquire them directly to see if they sell Kettlebell Workout Routines for a fair price.

How many calories can you burn with the kettlebell workout?

The kettlebell workout can burn nearly 300 calories in 20 minutes. This number can increase or decrease depending on the size of the person doing the workout and the amount of time spent working out.

Is the kettlebell workout DVD a good value?

I would not recommend the kettlebell workout if you are trying to improve your conditioning. You should probably just get a treadmill or elliptical machine if you want to improve conditioning.

What is a kettlebell and how do you use it?

A kettlebell is a piece of workout equipment that is very effective in building muscle. You use it just like you would with dumbells. The advantage of the kettlebell is that you only need one.

Is the Kettlebell workout safe during pregnancy?

You can continue with the kettlebell, but I would look into specifically how. There is a video entitled Baby Bells: The Fit Pregnancy Workout It is a fitness program designed specifically for pregnant women. It gives women the option of using the kettlebell when working out.

Where can I get advice on kettlebells?

A kettlebell is a new piece of russian workout equipment that people are using. You can find a link with information here

What does a kettlebell do for you?

A kettlebell is a cast iron weight used to perform ballistic exercises, which combine cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training. This exercises can be dangerous for someone with back problems, so before you use a kettlebell you should be checked by your doctor first.

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