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I would help out the elderly and I know many others that would. The question is whether the 'problems' are actually problems, i.e. safety / fire hazards, or normal electrical work. I don't think anyone will do normal work for free, but fire hazards and life safety issues should be taken care of. I'm an electrician, and it's my responsibility to see that people's homes are safe before I go home at night.

Try your local senior center. They have lists of volunteers that may be able to help.

ELECTRICITY - Deregulation in Texas--Don't be scammed into joining a MLM to save money. StarTex Power is a women-owned, HUB business offering great rates. A Houston based, solid company focusing on the needs of Texans. Check it out.

In Australia Fusion will do it.

Try calling United Way by dialing 211... Some areas have this service some do not... They could direct you further on this.

Electric repair help for elderly

The U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development [HUD] often funds home repair programs in communities that are operated by County and Township [City, Borough, etc] authorities.

The License and Inspection departments of these municipal authorities may be able to provide guidance.

There are sometimes reduced rate loan programs available through local government agencies.

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Q: Are there people or organizations who offer to help the elderly fix electrical problems?
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