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At this current time there are no cell phones that are designed for the united states market that can accept 2 sim cards. I know that there are phones sold by Verizon wireless however that can use Verizon cdma network which doesn't require a sim card and then allow a sim for uses overseas on Vodafone's network. Besides that if you are really that set on having 2 sim cards in one phone then there are a few site that sell a piece which must be soldered onto the circuit board within the phone and then i have no idea how you can switch between the 2 sims.


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yes but as of right now there is no way to get data or mms working on the evo

There is no penalty; providers are not required to accept Medicare or Medicaid.

For the patients, the disadvantages of Medicaid include that one must be virtually indigent to qualify, limited coverage for some procedures such as orthodontia, and the difficulty of finding providers who accept Medicaid payment.

The maximum dollar amount allowed for covered services rendered by participating providers and facilities or by nonparticipating providers and facilities.Deductibles and coinsurance amounts are calculated from eligible charges.Participating providers and facilities accept this allowed amount as payment in full for covered services.Nonparticipating providers and facilities may not accept this amount as payment in full for covered services.

Providers are not required to accept Medicaid - hope this answers your question.

There are periodontists in Tampa that accept medicaid. You will need to contact medicaid to get a list of accepted providers.

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i am a provider in Michigan, a have residents in the home who i am not receiving title 19 money monthly. Providers are not required to accept Medicaid patients. However, a provider who treats someone as a Medicaid patient is required to accept the amount Medicaid pays as payment in full and, except for co-pays, cannot bill the patient.

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It has been my experience that providers of health care are not obligated to accept secondary or even primary insurnace coverages if they are not under contract with that insurance company. I believe they are free to accept no insurance coverage at all and demand "cash" up front if they so desire. This would leave it your responsibility to sent the bill to your insurance(s) carrier(s) and get direct payment assuming they cover out of panel care. Some providers can not refuse you care even if you had no insurance but you would be responsible for the cost of care.

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