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Are you always pregnant if you miss a period?


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Missing a periodNo. Worrying about the fact that you might be pregnant can cause you to miss your period. The stress of the thought will cause you to miss or delay a period.

Daily stress can also do the same thing.

Sometimes, if you want to be pregnant �so bad� you can fake your body into thinking that you are pregnant which will result in a missed period.

The best thing to do it to ether buy a home pregnancy test and take it. If it is still questionable, see an OBGYN.

Stress will cause a missed period. Also, it could be ovarian cysts. Get an ultrasound. I agree with the last comment about wanting to be pregnant so bad that your period won't come. Just say to yourself: If i am pregnant that's good, but if i am not, I will allow my period to happen.

NO, missed periods could be because of several reasons including pregnancy, stress, medications, illness, etc.


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yes it can change your period, and/or get you pregnant. But not always

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not always my wife had two periods while she was pregnant with our daughter

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no if you miss a period you might be pregnant. if you have your period you are not.

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yesusally when you miss your period a couple times you are pregnant. but then sometimes when you miss it and you are taking the pill you dont always end up pregnant.But i would get tested for being pregnant if you missed it expecially more than once.

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