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Oh yes. You need to get that title in the name of the new owner.

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Q: Are you still liable for a car you sold if the title is still in your name?
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If you sold a car and the new owner didnt get title in their name and it gets towed who is responible. and didn't get it out of tow?

In the state of washington, Whoevers name the vehicle is still under is liable for all the towing and storage charges, no matter if you sold the vehicle , it is your responsibility to report it sold 5 days from the date you sold it. On the other hand, if the new owner does not transfer the title, but its reported sold properly, then when ever the towing company runs the VIN# of the vehicle it will show its been reported sold with the information of the new owner and all charges would go to the new owner, otherwise you are liable for all the charges because its still under your name.

In Texas what rights do you have if you sold a car to a friend who stopped making payments per a signed contract if the title is still in your name?

The title is in your name, so you hold all the rights.

I paid for a used car I do not have possession I don't want the car am I liable?

If The Car Is In Your Name , You Are Liable !! Unless You Have Legal Proof You Sold It.

If you sold your car to someone who stiffed you for the vehicle can you sell the title if it is still in your name?

Depending on the value of the car, you might be able to sell just the title to someone. Very limited value in just a title.

What if i sold my car and now 4 months later its engine blew am i liable?

No, You are not liable.

What happens if one of your credit cards is sold or transferred to another credit card company?

you are still liable to pay what you owe

What if someone sold you a car without the title then told you the car under bankruptcy?

i have a person who sold me a car under bankrupcty, and i need the title . gow can i tell if its still under or not?

Can i wife sign the title if I sold an auto in Nebraska to an individual but my husband's name is on title and does he have to be present to sign title?

The person or persons whose name is on the title must be the one who signs the title. In some states this signature must be notarized.

What if lost title and car is not in your name yet?

Generally, the person who's name the car is title in has to file for a lost title. There is a fee. You would need to contact the person who sold/gave you the vehicle.

Title was transferred but the plate was still on the car when the guy totaled Who is responsible?

Transferred on paper or on the legal Court records? When you sold the car you should have kept a signed copy of the transfer/bill of sale to the wreckee. If the title was transferred by your State Title Office and is on record there - you may be safe. Sometimes a buyer does not register the title and it and the tag are still in your name. Bend over please.

If your car was repoed and the car lot sold it but it is still registered in your name what should you do?

It will not be registered in your name. They sold it and will register it in the new owners name.

Who is liable if parts are sold from a repossed car?

The person or company that repossed it.

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