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At 34 weeks pregnant can you take castor oil to help have the baby now?


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Need to correct the above answer. At 37weeks your baby is not considered premature. At 37 weeks you are considered full-term!

AnswerAt 34 weeks pregnant, Your baby has not fully developed his/her lungs. That will not be developed til 37 weeks and will still be considered premature at that age. If your just tired of being pregnant, as alot of us probably were, You just have to wait it out. That's the best thing to do, no matter how tired you are. your doctors will let you know if your in trouble and they will do what they have to do.

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Yes it will help the baby be energized

No. Castor oil can in some cases help start labor when you are fully gone.

Yes, castor oil is dangerous as it can 1. trigger labour 2. cause the baby to have a bowel movement before birth which can be potential fatal.I was super overdue and looked into castor oil as a way to help things along the doctor said absolutely not.

it won do anything to u while ur 9 weeks u take it when ur nearly 40 weeks to help u gie birth quicker

It doesn't neccessarily help you get pregnant quicker. It makes you healthier overall, which can help you to get pregnant. Also, folic acid is good for a developing baby and therefore if you do get pregnant, your baby will be receiving folic acid in the first few days and weeks that you don't know you're pregnant which can help it and make it stronger and healthier

A doctor will never tell you to drink Castor Oil. There are no studies that show Castor Oil will induce labor or help your baby flip from the breech position.

37- 40 weeks is a full term pregnancy. Giving birth before that would be considered a premature birth. Usually a baby can survive after about 28 weeks, but they'll need a lot of help.

No, it just gives you diarrhea.

I am a 36 mother of 4 i think i am pregnant i last saw my periods last month at the beginning of the month so can i drink castor trouble bring it down Answer Castor oil in a limited dose will help with constipation, not anything else. Take a pregnancy test and visit your doctor if you are pregnant.

It is very unlikley (near on impossible) you will go into labour at 28 weeks, Castor oil stimulates the bowel and causes dihorreah which in late stages of pregnancy can trigger off contractions, At 28 weeks your baby isn't developed fully and will need intensive pediatric care to survive, there are also a percentage of babies that will not survive at 28 weeks as they are just not strong enough to fight off and infections they may attract . It is not wise to take castor oil at all during pregnancy, if you are struggling to go to the toilet and want to take it for that reason, try drinking lots of fruit juice and lots of fibre rich foods , that should help x

It comes out from the other end! But after a baby swallows hair he or she might throw out a lot! Castor oil can help to bring it out with stool.

there is a lot of websites you can go to that have baby calenders to help you fiure that out or you can count your now a month and two weeks just count count to 7in a half months after that .

It can help people get pregnant if they want a babyIf you have a problem with your womb you can have a baby

I cant speak from personal experience, but my grandmother tried castor oil to try and induce herself. All she did was make herself sick. It had no effect on her progression.

Its calculated from the last menstrual period.Their are a lot of pages that can help to calculate how many weeks pregnant you are.

At 32 weeks a baby would generally survive, however may need to be in an incubator for a while and have some help breathing

, I am 40 weeks in on the 30th so only two days to go and have only JUST thought and looked up castor oil, I would definitely read up on it because at 36 weeks your baby is not ready otherwise pregnancy would only be for 36 weeks. If there is something wrong the doctor will talk to you about your options and you might definitely likely look at ANOTHER way to bring on the labor, but castor oil... it is disgusting!!! took it yesterday and has not done anything for me other than make me vomit and feel tired... It may work for you but to be HONEST I really wouldn't be selfish and take the castor oil, your lil one will come when they are ready to come... You can cause fetal distress and more... and is not recommended unless you have spoken to your midwife... at the stage you are at I have heard of a product called Pre-Birth which you can get at any Health Pharmacy, once again look it up but it is used earlier on and later in your pregnancy your midwife can do what is known as a stretch and sweep to help you along, but just ask them about it at your next appointment... All the best :)

The average guppy is pregnant for 4 weeks! But they can b pregnant for up to 8 weeks at the most, one way to tell is to go to a local vet and check what stage ur guppy is currently in, or u can look up the stages online, it would help if u kept track of how many weeks pregnant she was!

Having an abortion is something you will need a doctor for.

You need help. Bottom line. I hope you are close with your parents, because they are going to have to help you. im 15 and pregnant how do i bring up my baby with no house and no money

Be sure that she has an appointment with a doctor. If she needs help to get there or pay for one, then do whatever you can to help her. Her health is the most important thing at this point.

If you just found out that you are 11 weeks and 5 days pregnant you would have conceived approximately 11 weeks and 5 days ago

Not necessarily! I tried it and all it did was make me have an increadibly loose bowl movement! I would NOT suggest it, it also will make you very very nauseated! I would try other at home remedies first. :) Good luck!

At 35 weeks why would you want to hurry things along? You will birth a preemie with complications if you deliver now. It is unsafe to induce or encourage labor before 39 weeks unless you have specific medical complications that make continuing the pregnancy unsafe.

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