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At what age are you able to buy a car in the U.K?


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2008-02-23 14:15:20
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No, at least not in the UK, you can buy a car at any age, however there are age limits on when you can hold a licence to drive the car on public roads.

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You can buy a car at any age but you have to be at least 17 with a provisional license to drive it on the public roads - with a full licence holder with you - L plates and all.

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Any age but you need to be 16 to put it in the car/bike

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Finding cheap UK car insurance depends on many factors such as age, driving record and type of car. However, many people in the Uk have found cheap rates at A-Plan, Directline, and Swiftcover.

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you need to be 18 or over to buy fireworks in the uk!

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