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I and most people think that the Civil War was inevitable because the South's way of life was different from the North. The south was based off farming and supplying the world with cotton for clothes and cotton gin. The farmers would buy more land to grow more cotton and more slaves to tend those fields. The north was mostly factories and manufactured goods.

The people of the south feared that they would be overrun economically by the Union. It soon became evident that the South was loosing hold on their part of the government, something that became clear when the abolition of slavery came around.

As abolitonists fought with slavery proponets in border states there was more pressure for a resolution of some kind, then the war started. I don't think that slavery would have just dwindled away over time because the people who owned slaves would make more money, then buy more land, then buy more slaves to work that land. Less people would own slaves but the people who did own slaves would have huge plantations with hundreds of slaves. The war was not over the issue of slavery was not the cause of the war but I think it was one of the largest factors that stated the war.

The war was over secession from the union which Lincoln called it a Rebellion. But, we must remember that Lincoln didn't start the war. It was the people in South Carolina who first fired upon Fort Sumter. Lincoln had to deal with the southern take over of the military fort. He did not have a choice of not fighting back at that point. The attack on Fort Sumter was their declaration of Independence from the Union.

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Q: At what point during the period 1848-1861 did the US Civil War become inevitable?
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