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If your battery is dieing all the time/it might be your alternator/or check your fuses & clean them/cuz clicking noise means battery dead/will jump though but might very well be alt...

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What is clicking your fingers?

Clicking your fingers is the same as cracking your fingers. they sometimes call it clicking because when you crack them, it makes a *click* sound.

Is a clicking beetle nocturnal?

sometimes, it depends if it is male or female

What noise do you hear when the speedometer is going bad?

Sometimes a clicking or grinding Sometimes speedometer needle will fluctuate

Why does your 2000 chev blazer make a clicking noise as if you were turning?

When the battery does not have enough voltage to turn the starter over it will sometimes make a clicking noise.

Why won't my Yoville let me out of my house?

Sometimes you have to refresh the game by clicking Play on the top of the screen. It usually works.Or try clicking on the door and not the arrow.

Why wont your airsoft gun wont shoot sometimes if your battery is charged and sometimes it shoots and sometimes all you hear is a clicking sound from your gearbox?

Needs to be repaired

How do you get a hat in poptropica?

You can either buy it from the store or copy someone's dressing by clicking the jeresey and clicking on the character who has a hat or sometimes you may find one on an island.

What is the name of the sound a kangaroo makes?

There is no specific name for the sound a kangaroo makes. It is sometimes described as "clicking".

How do you put on clothes in Poptropica?

you can buy the clothes at the store, (by clicking the star, but it costs money) then customize in your backpack, or you can copy clothes by clicking the green T-shirt in the corner of your screen and clicking the person you want to copy, you can choose what you would like to wear off of them by clicking it. sometimes you cannot get their clothes, most likely because they bought it from the store or won it.

1996 Toyota Tercel starts sometimes after some clicking?

get your starter check I had same problem it was faulty starter

Clicking in a car and won't start?

the solenoid is broken. sometimes if you strike the starter motor sharply this cures the problem.

How do you get the computer to quit scrolling down when I press space bar?

Try clicking the window that you are working in, that helps sometimes.

What could cause a clicking noise from the dash of a 2003 Mercedes Benz?

A clicking noise from the dash on a 2003 Mercedes Benz might be the flasher for the turn signals. Sometimes the flasher will make a clicking noise if it is about to go out, to let the driver know it is time to replace the flasher relay switch.

How do you find hidden puzzles in Professor Layton?

you find hidden puzzles by clicking on random objects. Sometimes these random objects will contain hint coins and sometimes hidden puzzles.

How do you view blocked images received in email?

This is not guaranteed to work... but you could try right-clicking on the image you wish to view and selecting the option 'Show Picture'. Sometimes it will work, sometimes it will not.

What is an example sentence with the word clicking?

the boy was clicking his pen the clicking noise was bothersome i was clicking a pen

What sounds do cougars make?

growls, purrs, and even clicking chirping sounds sometimes even a high pitched squeling/ screaming

Can hamsters growl?

No, they can not growl. They make clicking noises and sometimes squeaks when they are angry or hurt. Usually the next step after that is they will bite or attack.

Why is your starter clicking?

When does it click and does it Crank when it is clicking

What could cause a knocking come clicking sound under the dashboard without the engine started and just the electrics on?

if you have an electrical fuel pump can sometimes do that

What is double clicking?

Clicking Twice in quick succession.

What does naming sheets mean in Excel?

Normally when you open Excel there are 3 sheets open. They are Sheet1, Sheet2 and Sheet3. Sometimes you will want to give more meaningful names to those sheets. By right clicking on the sheet tab and clicking the Rename option or by double clicking, you can rename a sheet. So you could have many sheets with names on them that are meaningful to what you are doing, which is what we mean by naming sheets.

What causes a clicking noise from steering column while car is moving forward Sometimes stops at 50 mph?

The speedometer cable is either worn out or loose.

Is it common for a catalytic converter to make a clicking sound?

Sometimes the heat shields around the outside of the converter break loose or rust out and causes a rattle noise.

Why does your wrist always crack?

the bones are clicking the bones are clicking

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