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Ball-and stick model of a BF3 molecule?

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excited state EC of boron is 1s2 2s1 2px1 2py1. so it undergoes sp2 type of hybrydisation and has trigonal planar shape.

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Is bf3 a nonpolar or polar molecule?

BF3 is Non-Polar :)

What is the name of the molecule compound BF3?

BF3 is the compound Boron Triflouride

What shape does the molecule BF3 have?

trigonal planar

Is BF3 polar?

No. The individual bonds are polar, but BF3 is trigonal planar so the overall molecule is not polar.

What molecule is the most polar?

bromine trifluoride (BF3)

What is the bond angle of a trigonal planar molecule such as BF3?

120 degrees

What is the shape of BF3?

BF3 is a molecule in the trigonal planar shape. It has a central boron atom that is surrounded on three sides by three fluorine atoms.

Which molecule doesnt obey octet rule?

BF3 and other similar Lewis Acids

Is BF3 non polar covalent polar covalent or ionic bond?

BF3 has polar covalent bonds. It is planar and symmetric so the net dipole moment of the molecule is zero.

Why ammonia molecule is polar but BF3 is not?

NH3 is a 3D object (like an open umbrella) but BF3 is all on one plane in a triangle.In the second case the dipoles cancel each other

Why BF3 has zero dipole moment but PF3 has dipole moment?

BF3 is a Trigonal planar molecule due to presence of three electrons pairs around the Boron atom, due to symmetry in molecule the Dipole moment becomes zero, but PF3 is a Pyramidal molecule because along with three bonded electron pairs Phosphorus also have a lone pair of electrons, due to asymmetry in the molecule this molecule has a net Dipole moment.

Is XeCl2 polar?

The geometry of XeCl2 is linear with a symmetric charge distribution.Therefore this molecule is nonpolar.

Which molecule has a dipole moment H2 CO2 F2 SO2 BF3?

SO2 is bent shaped and has a net dipole moment.

Why dipol moment of bf3 is zero?

BF3 is a planar molecule with bond angle 120 0 . The bonds are polar but the bond dipoles cancel one another out - think of it as symmetry or vector addition or that they pull equally in opposite directions.

Why BF3 molecule show zero dipole moment?

It is a Trigonal planar molecule three 'F' atoms are arranged around the "B" atom at the angles of 120, due to symmetry in molecule the Dipole moment becomes zero.

What happen when BF3 converted to BF4 molecule?

Boron trifluoride BF3 reacts with F- ion to form the BF4- ion. BF3 has only 6 electrons around the B atom, is planar, and is a Lewis acid (as it will accept electrons from an electron pair donor such as F-. BF4- is a tetrahedral ion- all four bonds are equivalent.

What is molecular shape of BF3?

The shape of this molecule is Trigonal Planar. this is because it has no lone pairs of electrons so it maintains a 2D shape.

What is the correct name for BF3?

name of BF3 is Boron trifluoride.

Which is the most polar molecule 1 bf3 2 h2o 3 co2 4 cf4 5 ch4 6 ar?


How many valence electrons does BF3 have?

BF3 has 24 valence electrons.

What is the name of the ionic compound BF3?

BF3 is the ionic compound Boron trifluoride.

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The BF bond in BF3 is?

Polar covalent. BF3 is planar with bond angles of 1200.

What will be better mw3 or bf3?

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