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Because a pregnancy is counted from the first day of the last menstrual period, but the actual conception doesn't take place til about the 14th day after the start of the last period. So while you're physically 5 weeks pregnant, the medical field considers you 7 weeks pregnant. It's for accuracy of dating.

Determining pregnancy start dates has a bit of guess work involved. At seven weeks I wouldn't be overly concerned unless you are a heavy smoker/drinker, which could easily show as slowing the growth process of the baby. Talk to your doctor!

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If someone has an ultrasound and it indicates 7 weeks pregnant from conception date is it possible for the ultrasound to be off by 4 weeks and be 11 weeks pregnant?

No it is not possible to be 11 weeks instead of 7 weeks pregnant. Ultrasound is reliable for dating within a 2 week error. So it is possible for you to be 4 weeks or 9 weeks but not 11 weeks. However dating is usually based on the last menstrual period unless there hasn't been one.

Is diarrhea a sign of pregnancy or miscarriage?

Answerno---I think it possibly could be a sign. My baby stopped growing 6w2d and my diarrhea started that day, but I did not miscarry for 3 weeks. Once the baby stopped growing, I had diarrhea for 7 days straight - and that never happens to me.Now I am pregnant again & I hit 6w2d yesterday and my diarrhea started again. The doctors feel my baby will not make it based on my 6w1d ultrasound, so this diarrhea could be a sign in my 2nd miscarriage.

Does Oklahoma state university have ultrasound technician school?

Yes, they offer an accredited ultrasound program based out of OKC.

What Herbs can cause miscarriage?

There are many herbs that can cause miscarriage, if you are pregnant, research any herbal medications before taking. And ask your doctor since many medicines are based on plants and herbs and they can interact.Attempting abortion/induced miscarriage without being supervised by a doctor is an illegal abortion though, punished with 2-10 years in prison.

What is a carotid ultrasound used for?

Carotid ultrasound is an ultrasound-based diagnostic imaging technique. The technique is used to reveal structural details of the carotid arteries and other blood flow problems.

How likely is a miscarriage?

The likelihood of miscarriage varies based on the mother's health and other factors, but between 10 and 20 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Most of these happen in the first 12 weeks.

Could belly button piercings cause a miscarriage?

no, based on my experience

If you take aspirin every 4 hours will that cause an miscarriage?

Aspirin wont abort or miscarry a baby and as pregnant you should take Tylenol and speak to your doctor about what to take based on the reason you need painkillers.

Think Im 6 weeks pregnant but ultrasound says 4 weeks Can this be?

I was told the same thing. Based on my lmp I am 6 weeks but I had an ultrasound done 2 days ago that said I was 4 weeks. I wonder if I am 4 weeks along because that is the time of conception since you dont get pregnant the day of your period. It is usually two weeks later when you ovulate. Let me know if you have heard anything

When did you conceive if your ultrasound said 19weeks 2days?

The ultrasound date is approximate and based on the size of the baby, but if you go back exactly that far it would be Sept 21.

If you get pregnant before you get your normal period how do you know your due date atfer been on the pill?

You can estimate within a couple of weeks based on when you stopped the pill, and the answer will become clearer as the pregnancy progresses, usually via the ultrasound exam.

Is it a boy or a girl you have no nausea at all you are six weeks pregnant and have three girls already and you are sleeping like crazy?

You can't tell the sex of your child based on those clues. You would have to do an ultrasound image to determine its sex.

Is your pregnancy normal if the ultrasound scan reveals you are 5 weeks pregnant with the gestational sac and yolk sac minus fetal pole but based on your last menstrual period you ought to be 9 weeks?

There are two answers to this - one good and one bad. The most probable answer is that you miscalculated and you are actually 5 weeks pregnant. Unfortunately there is a possibility that you did fall pregnant 9 weeks ago and that the pregnancy will not progress. It is possible that either the fetus is not developing, or that the fetus has died which usually means the gestational sac will shrink and appear to be not as advanced as you are.

Should a pregnancy test be positive 4 weeks after miscarriage having started a period?

You can still be tested positive after a miscarriage and a period. A pregnancy test is based on the levels of hormone you have in your body. It might not have gone back to normal. And your bleeding can be caused from the miscarriage itself and doesn't necessarily mean that is a period. Check again in a week or two and then ask your doctor if it still shows up positive just to make sure that you really aren't pregnant.

Can a get girl pregnant on her period?

Certainly, contrary to old beliefs and myths. Becoming pregnant is based upon your period as much as it based upon your ovulation which is about 14 days before your period. Although it is possible, it is not as likely as when you are not on your period. Read the related links below for more information.

Is it safe vitamin e oil with ultra sound?

Ultrasound waves are best transmitted through an aqueous (water based) solution. Oils are not recommended as they can corrode the delicate membrane of the ultrasound probe. Do not clean your ultrasound probe with alcohol as this can damage it also.

When did the first ultrasound come out?

Ultrasound systems were first used in the medical system in the late 1940s and early 1950s. They were based on imaging systems used for material testing in the construction of ships.

Can a girl pee sperm out so she want get pregnant?

Based on your query, did you mean "Can a girl impregnate herself?" No, that is currently not possible in humans, that I know of. Through genetic engineering or evolution, this may become possible however.

If you are 11 weeks pregnant how do you determine the conception date?

Conception date is based on your last ovulation cycle prior to when you didn't get your period. But this can be incorrect if you didn't conceive when you was ovulating. Alternatively you can have a ultrasound scan which will give you a conception date but this can be off by 5 days.

What does it take to get a certificate for ultrasound operation?

To become an ultrasound technician, you need to obtain a certificate or degree on ultrasound operation. Many schools offer certificate/degree programs in ultrasound online and campus based ultrasound certification programs. Here is a sample list of universities that offer the programs: Argosy University, Sanford-Brown Institute, Western Career College, Kaplan College, ATI College of Health.

Can you see an embryo at less than 6 weeks pregnant via ultrasound?

yes it will be a little peanut looking black hole in the center of the Gary stuff you will know i have had a ultrasound at 4wks and that was a couple weeks ago but i don't think any lower than that you want know your pregnant till two weeks is up and you take a pregnancy test the two weeks allow your hormones to enter into your blood stream and the test is based on your hormone levels wether it show neg/pos

Is it possible to go a month without knowing your pregnant I just found out I am pregnant and I don't know when it happened and have no way to know how far along I am I see a DR in a month?

It is possible to have what appears to be a normal period when you already pregnant; so that can throw off your calculations. A doctor can estimate the date of conception based on the size and growth of the baby, but sometimes it is not as accurate as we'd like.

How much can a ultrasound tech make?

Try for specific information in your area and based on your specific training and experience.

What level of education is required to become an ultrasound tech?

The requirements to become an ultrasound tech may vary based on each state's requirements. For instance, in California, an Ultra Sound tech needs to have a high school diploma. Then, the person needs to complete accredited training in vocational school which offers ultrasound technician classes. Usually, this certification is enough to qualify an individual as an ultrasound tech,

If an ultrasound gives you a date of how far along you are is it possible you could have been pregnant 5 weeks ago and still had your period and the ultrasound be off?

The ultrasound doesnt give you the date. It is estimated by the days you give to the doctors to help, narrow down the date. The first day of your last period and how long you've missed help them in determining your conception date. The picture shows them an image of a fetus and they use that picture to say at what developmental stage the baby is in. Anything is possible.AnswerContrary to the opinion above, the ultaasound does give you an approximate date of conception. By comparing the results of millions of ultrasounds physicians can calculate the age of the fetus based on head diameter, bone length, and other measurements on the fetus. They are usually accurate to within two weeks of when you are due to deliver. Since some women have irregular periods, it is not always possible to calculate the date based on the first day of the last period. Trust the ultrasound! ANSWERI just wanted to add to the above answer. A patient's Last mentrual period is accurate if the patient has a regular mestrual cycle, but this is not the case for many women. Therefore, it is not the most accurate source for fetal age. Ultrasound is the most accurate dating tool for fetal age. The measurement of the embryo (crown rump length) up to 12 weeks gestation is the most accurate. The rate of growth of a fetus will be based on that early measurement for the remainder of the pregnancy. It allows physicians to monitor the growth of the fetus which in turn gives them an estimated due date as well as help them diagnose growth abnormalities such as IUGR (Intrauteriune growth restriction).

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