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They are things that are all controlled by the "accessory" circuit of the keyswitch, but don't just run off and replace the keyswitch. Check the wiring, see if there is power to the accessory terminal block when you turn on the keyswitch. You may need to find a book that contains a wiring diagram to be able to find the location of the terminal block and the right connection. If all else fails, see if your local dealer can copy a page from their shop manual for you.

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Do they still make Plymouth cars?

No, Chrysler stopped Plymouth production in 2001.

How do you know if your catalytic converter is stopped up on your trailblaser?

If the converter is stopped up your engine will not run. cars that have a converter stopping up will have a different burning type smell. When you get your emissions checked, one of the items that is checked is the converter.

What is an example of expanded moments?

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How do you get into the trunk of a 1995 Plymouth Voyager if the key won't work and the button just stopped working?

drill the lock out

Why does myour car shack when you are stopped?

if you car shakes when its fully stopped it may be the harmonic balancer, take it to a garage. is it shakes only when you are braking while stopping than have you brakes checked

Why has your Scarlet Macaw stopped vocalizing?

This could be a sign of illness or distress. Take your bird to an avian veterinarian and have him/her checked out.

Is it okay i had a little bleeding following a blood clot then stopped bleeding no pain or cramps?

If it were me, personally I would get checked.

The Cd changer in my 2000 Toyota Avalon stopped working is there a fuse that can be checked?

radio wont come on anymore

What is magic tree house 53?

i dont think its out yet.. last time i checked it stopped on book 52.

The headlights stopped working on your 1991 Acclaim The bulbs are good the fuses are fine and when you flash them they're fine Any ideas?

Replace the headlight switch. Be sure to use a qualitypart.

What can be wrong with your home's central air conditioner which stopped working but everything seems normal?

Have you checked the breaker outside by the unit

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Where did the mayflower land on?

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Car radio stopped working?

A car radio that has stopped working will need to be checked for wiring problems or a problem in the radio itself. The car dealer should be able to track the source of the problem to let you know how to proceed with fixing it.

2001 Plymouth neon stalls while stopped at a light?

check the vaccums lines like the PVC valve to see if the hoses are cracked and need to be replaced or not.

Where is the alternator in a 1997 Plymouth lazer?

There isn't a 1997 Plymouth Laser they stopped making them in 94 but if you have a 97 dsm (talon or eclipse) it should be on the right hand side of the engine block Here's a diagram for it

What is an expanded moment?

Slowing down to expand a moment can stretch out tension. Example: She stopped, checked her watch, straightened her skirt and pushed the door open.

How can you stop your lesbianism?

Being a lesbian does not have the same capabilities of a television set or cell phone. Meaning, the last I checked it can not be "turned off" or stopped in your terms.

How long will drugs be detected in babys blood-cord?

Can they tell when u stopped smoking weed in the cord blood? When the baby was born she checked clean.

I got my period i think. it was brown. then it stopped and everyday i have been getting discharge so do i have my period?

If you are not sure, you should probably get checked out by a doctor. You should get checked out anyway if you are at that age. It's never too soon to start taking care of yourself.

Why does the steering wheel on your 97 Plymouth breeze shake so badely when stopped?

It sounds like your brake rotors are warped. Get them replaced or turned if they are within specs. Dont listen to the person above.. they have no clue as to whats going on.. The question was why does it shake when stopped. Not why does it shake when stopping. Have your motor mounts checked. Most likely its your rear mount. Your rotors would not cause shaking when you are stopped cause They Are Not Moving. Experience: A woman who didnt want to be dicked around by men who thought I didnt know any better, That learned how to fix cars myself, And laugh at the guys at shops who try and BS me to get more money. Have your mounts checked. Dont let someone tell you its your tires, or tie rods, or rotors, cause they are all idiots. I would check your throttle body first, then pcv and egr transducer. Motor mounts can be checked by watching motor through open hood space and dropping into gear. The motor will jump if mounts are bad, but that is not likely. These cars never had a smooth idle in gear.

Your turn signals and your airconditioning both stopped working at the same time you checked the fuse box the fuses appear to be okay?

Perhaps Ignition switch Wipers Work?

Your windshield wipers stopped working you checked the fuse and it is good?

u need a new wiper motor or u need to check for a short in the line going to the motor

What would you need to replace if your speedometer and odometer stopped working but the other gauges still function We replaced the speed sensor and checked the instrument cluster connection?


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