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yes you can, if you are in middle school ask your counselor.and if you are in high school ask your guidance counselor

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โˆ™ 2012-07-02 16:56:31
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Q: Can 14 year-olds get work permits?
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Can 14 yearolds cook?


Do you need a work permit to work in a grocery store at age 14?

yes you do working permits are requried ages 14-17

Where does a 14 yr old in Fl get a work permit?

Go to your high school office. They usually can issue work permits.

Can you get a job and a work permit if your in the 8th grade?

It depends on your age. Some states allow people as young as 14 to get their work permits.

Why do work permits in the us take so long?


Where can a 13-year-old get a work permit?

Well you get work permits from the guidance office at your school, but i believe most states obilgate you to be 14 before you can work, legally.

Where do minors get Arizona work permits?

if you are 14+ you dont need one. If you are younger then you need to go to your city hall and get one

How do illegal immigrgants get work permits?

Illegal immigrants are able to get work permits by application through the U.S. Citizens and Immigration Services agency (USICS). The agency has specific guidelines on who can qualify for work permits.

What year did work permits start?

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What are ideas for Christmas presents that are cheap to put in a bag for 14 yearolds?

5 dollar itunes gift card. that's as cheap as a person could get for a 14 yr old.

How old do you have to be to get a work permit in WA?

In Washington state the minimum age for work, is 14 during the summer, work permits are not needed (depending on where you live places like Yakima,Toppniesh,Kennewick) don't require permits unless you are in school, if you enter school again you will need to go to your counslers and get a work permit both the counslers and teachers have to agree you are responsible fora job and then you can work a set amount of hours! but the minimum age is 14!

Difference between illegal immigrants and guest workers?

Guest workers have work permits and residence permits and are legal.

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