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No ~!

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Q: Can Alcaligenes faecalis produce endo-spores?
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Does the bacteria alcaligenes faecalis have endospores?


Can Alcaligenes faecalis produce endo spores?


Treatment of disease cause by Alcaligenes faecalis?

what drug is effective against alcaligenes faecalis

Is the bacteria Alcaligenes faecalis pathogenic?


What is the pH for Alcaligenes faecalis?


Is Alcaligenes faecalis oxidase positive?

Acording to Bergey's manual A. faecalis is Oxidase positive

What are the results for a capsule stain for alcaligenes faecalis?

It does not have a capsule

Will Alcaligenes faecalis grow on MacConkey agar?


What diseases are caused by alcaligenes faecalis?

There are several different diseases and conditions that are caused by Alcaligenes Faecalis. Some of these conditions and diseases include endophthlamitis and many different types of infections.

Is Alcaligenes faecalis gram positive?

No, according to Bergey's Manual.

How do you test for Alcaligenes faecalis?

all i know about alcaligenes faecalis is that it is: gram negative rod shaped motile prime growth-37°c and that is oxidase and catalase positive hope this helps :D

Can e faecalis produce endospores?

E. faecalis is a gram-positive, non-endospore-forming, lactic-acid producing bacterium. They are tolerant to a wide range of environmental conditions.

Is alcaligenes faecalis positive or negative for urea?

Usually positive, but some strains may not.

Is Alcaligenes faecalis citrate positive?

yes and no, sometimes it comes out positive and sometimes it comes out negitive

What is the colony morphology for Alcaligenes faecalis?

Alcaligenes faecalis is a motile, obligate aerobic and motile bacteria. The colony morphology of alcligenes faecalis is that of small colonies, grey in color, with rough borders and spreading edges. These bacteria are rod-shaped, and colonies are thin, and often have a â??fruityâ?? odor that many people associate with green apples.

What are the results for the MR-VP test for Alcaligenes faecalis?

very good chance it is VP negative

Does alcaligenes faecalis ferment in mannitol salt agar?

the bacteria dont ferment in MSA, there is no growth on the plat

Does Staphylococcus aureus produce endospores?

No they do not produce endospores.

What are some of the characteristics of Alcaligenes faecalis?

Round, smooth, colorless, convex, aerobic, motile, gram-negative rods/bacilli

Is alcaligenes faecalis gram negative?

Yes, it's a non lactose- fermenting, oxidase positive, gram negative bacilli.

Can pseudomonas aeruginosa produce endospores?

No, Pseudomonas aeruginosa can not produce endospores.

What are Alcaligenes faecalis characteristics?

Gram Negative Rod Lactose Test: Negative Glucose Test: Negative Pigmentation: none (Pale)

Is cocci assotiated with endospores?

Bacillus cells produce endospores.

What are the indole test results for alcaligenes faecalis?

I dont have any answer, But i will post it when i will know . No change in color or reaction on Indole Test - Negative result on Indole Test.

Can serratia marcescens produce endospores?

no. in general, only gram-positive bacteria such as Bacillus and Clostridium produce endospores.