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Can EMF radiation hurt you?


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Electromagnetic radiation (EMF

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Cellular radiation protection is to stop you from being affected by radiation and harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) that come off your iPhone, Cell Phone, Mobile Phone, Cordless Phone or Portable phone.

buildings can fall on you or other objects

Bcoz the emf which is to be measured is less than emf of driving cell....

yes indused emf is also called motional emf. If an open coil is subjected to a variable magnetic field, at the ends of the coil a potential difference is induced which is called induced emf. If a coil is connected to an emf source and switched on, the rising current will produced an variable magnetic field which in turn produces an emf. It is called back emf.

EMF stands for Electromotive force. EMF is measured in units of volts.

Radiation is when nuclear leaks into the air and you inhale it it hurts you and can kill you. You experience radiation all the time! In x-rays! But the radiation in those are so less that it can't hurt you.

Answer: emf stand for electromotoric force

You can buy the Safeguard Cell Phone Radiation Shield Emf Wave Filter for that.

electromotive force (abbreviation: EMF or emf)

In dc motor, the armature conductors are revolving in the magnetic field and emf is induced in the armature conductors. The direction of the induced emf is in opposite direction to the applied voltage as per Flemings left hand rule. So, the induced emf in motor is called as back emf or counter emf. Vydehi

- It is because of the radiation that produced by the monitor of our PC

yes it can your lungs could breath it in a cause radiation

No you can't. You can hurt yourself. xD

STATICALLY INDUCED EMFThe emf induced in a coil due to change of flux linked with it (change of flux is by the increase or decrease in current) is called statically induced emf.Transformer is an example of statically induced emf. Here the windings are stationary,magnetic field is moving around the conductor and produces the emf.DYNAMICALLY INDUCED EMFThe emf induced in a coil due to relative motion of the conductor and the magnetic field is called dynamically induced emf.example:dc generator works on the principle of dynamically induced emf in the conductors which are housed in a revolving armature lying within magnetic field

The emf of a batter as it is used will stay the same.

emf = I(R+r) = IR + Ir = V + Ir

An induced electromotive force (emf) is an induced voltage.

EMF - band - was created in 1989.

What is the range of the EMF spectrum

Many things give off electromagnetic radiation. Cell phones, the body, x-rays, and supposedly ghosts and spirits. EMF detectors (or electro-magnetic-field detector) are also supposed to pick up electromagnetic radiation given off by anything it's pointed at.

emf is present mainly in battery and potential difference is mainly present in circuit. emf is greater than p.d and p.d is greater than emf.......the units of both are Volt.....

The best way to test for Electromagnetic Fields or EMF is with Dowsing, Divining or a Pendulum.With these techniques you can find out exactly here the EMF is, how far the size of the radiation field being emitted and which direction it is going.You can also ask questions about the best way to protect yourself from these harmful energy fields and if the protection is provided totally neutralization and harmonization of these fields.There are far more noxious forms of energy than just EMF. There are radio ways, earth magnetic radiation, Geopathic Stress, Water Veins and so much more.For a list of questions to use and ask when dowsing or divining, check this list here:, highly effective Orgone Energy Generators harmonize and neutralize ALL noxious energy emitted from electrical appliances as it connects to the circuit it is plugged into, and harmonizes all noxious energies on your entire property and all noxious EMF. radiation and all forms of harmful energy. See for further details.

emf is the energy which is only there tf theur is some potential difference so no emf

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