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Absolutely they can and with 5G rolling out it's only going to get worse. have a video explaining it on my either one of my bio links.

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Electromagnetic radiation (EMF

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Q: Can EMF radiation hurt you
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Do EMF's hurt manatees?

Yes, EMF's hurt manatees by disrupting nesting. The male manatees will not return to the nest and will go to the sand bar instead.

How does nuclear radiation hurt you?


Can small amounts of radiation hurt you?

no it can't

How can the radiation hurt you?

buildings can fall on you or other objects

What is emf measured in?

emf in volts

What device can detect a EMF?

An EMF detector.

Why emf of battery driving potentiometer is greater than emf of the cell to be measured?

Bcoz the emf which is to be measured is less than emf of driving cell....

What emf stands for?

Answer: emf stand for electromotoric force

What is difference between voltage and emf?

EMF stands for Electromotive force. EMF is measured in units of volts.

Does motional emf call induced emf?

yes indused emf is also called motional emf. If an open coil is subjected to a variable magnetic field, at the ends of the coil a potential difference is induced which is called induced emf. If a coil is connected to an emf source and switched on, the rising current will produced an variable magnetic field which in turn produces an emf. It is called back emf.

What is Japan radiation?

Radiation is when nuclear leaks into the air and you inhale it it hurts you and can kill you. You experience radiation all the time! In x-rays! But the radiation in those are so less that it can't hurt you.

What are the factors on which emf depend?

EMF = Current X Resisitance

While discharging which is greater TPD or EMF?

EMF is greater

When was EMF - band - created?

EMF - band - was created in 1989.

When did EMF - band - end?

EMF - band - ended in 2009.

What is a another name for voltage?

electromotive force (abbreviation: EMF or emf)

Do Emf waves travel at the speed of light?

What is the range of the EMF spectrum

How should you eat after radiation?

Radiation does nothing but hurt your body and cost money. You should eat slowly for risk of throwing up.

Can you take radiation with belly button piercing?

No you can't. You can hurt yourself. xD

Can science gas hurt you?

yes it can your lungs could breath it in a cause radiation

Why do eyes hurt from working with PC?

- It is because of the radiation that produced by the monitor of our PC

What is the symbol for induced emf?

An induced electromotive force (emf) is an induced voltage.

What is the formula of emf?

emf = I(R+r) = IR + Ir = V + Ir

What happens to emf as a battery is used?

The emf of a batter as it is used will stay the same.

When was Unbelievable - EMF song - created?

Unbelievable - EMF song - was created in 1990.