Can I lose weight without exercise?

It depends how overweight you are and how much improvement can be made in your diet. If you're eating 10,000 calories and you cut down to 2,000 calories, you'll lose some weight, for sure. And you can improve your health a lot by eating healthy, but without exercise you'll never be in good shape, and you'll be potentially inviting a number of diseases to strike you. Stay active or die, literally.

Answer2: Most people say they hate to exercise and you can lose weight without exercising. But you will not be toned and it takes muscle to burn those calories. But, for that toned, beautiful fabulous you, WALKING is the best exercise because it uses all the muscle groups. No need to join an expensive, get out and walk. Get some head phones, put on some good music and walk the block, the school track, the mall, but just walk. If you want to really build and tone those muscles, get some band and 5 and 8 pound weights, even a kettlebell. Check TJ Maxx and Marshalls, they always have them for excellent prices. Look online for many exercises with bands and weights and you will look fab and toned for the coming warmer months. I speak from experience, been there done that and doing well getting my weight down. My doctor is very proud. Check with your doctor for a healthy meal plan and get moving.