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Can Moses be considered the founder of Judaism?

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No. Moses cannot be considered the founder of Judaism. Moses was chosen by G-d to take the Jews out of Egyptian slavery. By Moses' time there were already over 2 million Jews around. Abraham can be considered the founder of Judaism, as he is referred to the the forefather of all Jews.

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Why is moses considered a founder of judalism?

No it is not Moses, but it is Abraham the father of Judaism.

Was Moses a muslim or christian?

according to Islam prophet Moses (PBUH) was the founder of Judaism religion and was a jew. but all prophets are considered also Muslim in Islam. in Islam anyone who obey God is considered a Muslim even if he/she is a Christian or Jew.

What are the early major figures and their significance?

Abraham; the founder of judaism moses; freed the Jews from slavery

The founder of the holy book of Judaism?

Judaism credits Abraham as being its founder. His life is recorded in the Torah (Genesis ch.12-25). Moses conveyed God's Torah to the Israelites, who are descended from Abraham.

Abraham is considered the founder of what three religions?

Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

Islam Christianity and judaism?

Actually it was not made but was founded.Islam's founder is Muhamad.Christianity's founder was Jesus Christ.While the founder of judaism is Abraham or/and Moses(I'm not actually sure but that's what I found in my search and you can also search if want). Thank you for reading, Mitch Manos

Who is the founder o judaism?

Abraham was the patriarch of Judaism. He made the first and eternal covenant with G-d. At this stage Jews were a family and tribe.Then Moses spoke directly with G-d, also - at Mount Sinai. Millions of Jews heard the voice of G-d, and they received the Torah here, which 'formalised' the religion and its rules. So Abraham was the 'founder', but Moses is the greatest prophet in Judaism.

What contribution did Moses make in the development of Judaism?

Moses is the Founding Prophet of Judaism.

What religions consider Abraham and Moses as prophets?

Islam, Christianity & Judaism all consider Abraham & Moses to be prophets of God. Moses is also considered a prophet in Mormonism.

Who was considered the patriarch of Judaism Christianity and Islam?

Judaism - Abraham (and sometimes Isaac, Jacob and Moses as well) Christianity - Jesus Islam - Mohammed

When was Abraham the judaism founder born?

Abraham, the founder of Judaism, was born in 1812 BCE.

When did Moses become the founder of the Jews?

Moses was not the founder of the Jews , the real father is Abraham.

Why is Abraham the main prophet in Judaism?

Abraham is not the main prophet of Judaism. Abraham was not regarded as a prophet. Judaism, unlike Christianity and Islam, does not have a main prophet. Moses is often considered the greatest prophet because of his achievement and his closeness to God. All prophets after Moses are said to have only glimpsed what Moses saw.

Where did Judaism come?

Abraham was the founder of Judaism.

What religion is Moses associated with?

Judaism. One of the definitions of Judaism given in dictionaries is "the religion of Moses."

Which religion has no single founder?

Hinduism has no single founder, but Judaism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Chrisianity have a Traditional Founder. Judaism founder is Abraham, Buddhism founder is Siddhartha Gautama, Confucianism founder is Confucius, and Christianity founder is Jesus.

Who are the leaders of the holy book of Judaism?

Judaism credits Abraham as being its founder. His life is recorded in the Torah (Genesis ch.12-25). Moses conveyed God's Torah to the Israelites, who are descended from Abraham.

Where was the founder of Judaism?


According to the Hebrew religion what is Abraham considered?

The father of the Jewish people and the founder of Judaism.See: more about Abraham

Who is the founder of Torah?


When and where judaism was start?

Abraham was the founder of Judaism, in the Holy Land.

Who is the prohpet of Judaism?


Who symbolizes judaism?


What is Moses status in judaism?

Next to Abraham, Moses is the most prominent and important man recognized by adherents of Judaism.

How did the call to moses shape Judaism?

The call to Moses shaped Judaism by guiding his people to the promised land and by writing the Torah. This is the foundation by which modern Judaism is based.