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Q: Can a 14-year-old child sue his mother and the man who is having an affair with her for psychological damage when the mom is filing for divorce?
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What is an illness that has a psychological cause and does not involve brain damage?

An illness that has a psychological cause and does not involve brain damage is Psychosis.

Does a divorce hurt your credit?

The act of divorce does not damage your credit.

What does miscarry do to the body?

The damage is mostly psychological.

What is the conclusion of bulimia?

Conclusion? As in end result? Psychological damage, physical damage, death.

Movie in which father has affair with his sons girlfriend?

It's called Damage

What was the effect of the Iran-Contra affair on President Ronald Reagan's reputation?

The Iran-Contra affair resulted in some damage to president Reagan's reputation

What did conclusion was identified from the 1947 doll study?

It showed that racist attitudes did psychological damage

What are the psychological consequence of hospitalization?

There should be no psychological problems after hospitalization. Hospitalization is usually a positive thing that is designed to repair damage and heal illness. Psychological hospitalization should be seen as a chance to stabilize medication and have some time away from the world to "regroup."

What do you do when you have been through 12 years of emotional damage and you are no longer in love with your spouse?

Get a divorce

You are 28 and just found out your husband of three years has been having an affair for a year - will you survive this heartache after you divorce him?

Yes. The wounds of heartache are like nuclear waste. As time passes the damage they cause will half repeatedly. The pain is most intense now but as time passes you will adapt.

What has the author Woody R Mizelle written?

Woody R. Mizelle has written: 'Loss of self-esteem due to acquired brain injury' -- subject(s): Brain, Brain damage, Complications, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Brain damage, Treatment, Wounds and injuries

Can you sue your ex after a divorce is final if you have more information to damage their case?

let it go! It's not worth it!

My divorce was not finalized and he got his new girlfriend pregnant can I sue?

No, you have no grounds to sue. You have suffered no damage by the girlfriend's pregnancy. Apparently, your divorce is in the works so you can't use the pregnancy as grounds for divorce. You should proceed with the divorce and get a child support order in place as soon as possible. Otherwise, you need to let it go and move on with your life.

Does your baby get high too when you smoke weed during pregnancy?

It gets affected by it. You can cause psychological disorders or even brain damage.

How long will the mom of the pup stay with the puppy?

To prevent psychological damage to the puppies they should stay with their mother for atleast 9 weeks.

Can you recover from brain damage?

It depends on what kind of brain damage. Neurons do not grow back or repair themselves, so physical damage is permanent. Emotional/psychological damage, however, can be recovered from with therapy or medication. Some stem cell research is devoted to attempting to replace damaged brain cells.

What has the author Evelin Witruk written?

Evelin Witruk has written: 'Learning, adjustment, and stress disorders' -- subject(s): Cross-Cultural Comparison, Adolescent, Tsunami damage, Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic, Learning Disorders, Psychological Stress, Child, Child psychology, Psychological Resilience, Psychological aspects

What is a chemical substance that causes a change in the physical or psychological state of a person?

The simple example is Alcohol. Short term use cause psychological changes and chronic usage will cause physical damage like cirrhosis of liver.

Is spanking legal?

It is in many countries, but many authority figures don't believe in hitting children because it can cause permanent psychological damage.

Can a spouse testify against their spouse?

A spouse may not be forced to testify against their spouse in criminal proceedings. In divorce court, however, spouses typically tear each other to shreds, which can cause lasting psychological damage. That's why most divorces are now "no-fault" procedures, except in cases where large amounts of money and property are being contested.

Effects of disaster?

Some of the effects that a disaster can bring is damage to property, agriculture, and livelihood. It can also lead to loss of life and can have sociological and psychological effects on people.

What are the disadvantages of tornadoes?

Tornadoes damage and destroy people's homes and businesses, ruin crops, kill livestock, kill and injure people, and cause psychological trauma.

What weapon of world war 1 caused both physical and psychological damage to people but was seen too uncivilized for war?

Poison gas would fit that description.

Sentence for delecterious?

The word deleterious means to cause harm or damage to something or someone. An example would be: "Divorce is thought to be deleterious to the children in the household".

Are there any lasting affects of LSD?

Bad Trip, Flashbacks, Brain Damage , Lung Damage (Cancer), Heart failure, OD - Convulsions, Coma, Violent behavior, Delayed Sexual Development, Mental Problems (Depression), Psychological Dependence, Tolerance, Amotivational Syndrome